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Guards surround the the gate where the helpless group of prisoners are then the witch emerged from the crowd of Galras,"Let's have the traitor die first." She said,grinning with those rotten teeth that sends shivers up Keith's spine.

The guards walk up to him and dragged him away,but he resisted. He pushed the soldiers away,and he kicked down the others and when he thought he had a chance to escape that witch used the force to repel him across the small room,"How dare you fight back!" She yelled,waving her hand up to do the same with her powers,making Keith lift up in the air,"Wait!" A shrill voice screamed.

Miracle stood up with a tall and straight posture,signaling dominance and bravery,"You don't want him to die quickly,you want him to have a slow,painful death,right? So you could just send him to the arena now." Her stance shouted 'I'm ready to fight' but her voice had another story to tell.

The witch had a face of reconsideration and lowered her hand,causing Keith to fall on his bottom,"Very well." She said as if she was defeated,"Follow me." She ordered,and Keith reluctantly stood up and walked behind her,but he felt a tap on his shoulder and when he glanced at his shoulder he sees a note. It reads,"Keep dodging the attacks until I get help."  Keith didn't know if it was a tip or something,but what he did know is that it might be the only way for him to break free from this never ending nightmare.

Meanwhile at the castle,everyone has finally figured out a plan to save Keith,"Everyone knows what to do,right? But just in case I'll go over them again." She pulled out her fancy,hologram screen,"Pidge you find a way to hack their defenses and find where Keith's chamber might be,Hunk you're the bait and lure the Galras away from him,Shiro will fight off the ones who didn't fall for it,Lance will be back up and save Keith,and Coran and I will be defending you with the ship's attacks." She explained.

For once in a long time,Lance is smiling. He's finally going to see Keith again,his hair his adorable ears,his beautiful eyes,and his cute face,just Keith in general makes Lance motivated to take down one thousand fleets at once. The Paladins also notice Lance's behavior has changed drastically,and they're all very happy that he transformed into his happy-go-lucky self again.

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