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Lance felt withered and cold,but he kept his hopes up and waited for Keith. It's been about a week now and Lance barely moved from his spot,he would get up to go to the bathroom,but that's the only thing he would do. The team became worried about Lance's health and tried to feed him,comfort him,and they tried to convince him to sleep,but eventually they gave him some blankets and pillows,so he could sleep on the floor.

Unfortunately,Lance looked worse than before,his eyes were dim and they didn't have that reassuring glint anymore,his cheeks a little hollow from self starvation,arms and legs are nearly skin and bones,his hair was so greasy,and his eyes felt dry even after so many nights of crying.

Today was the day Keith was supposed to recover and get out of the pod,but it's almost the end of the day. Lance still held up his hope,and he stayed.

It's nearly midnight,and Keith hasn't awakened yet. Lance felt cold tears run down his face,"Please wake up." Lance whispered as he leaned into a ball and cried.

Just when he thought his world was going to crumble he heard the door to the healing pod open,whoosh,Lance looked up to see Keith,limping out of the healing pod,Lance nearly tackled Keith to the ground when he hugged him. Lance never felt this happy in so many days,he's still crying,but it was tears of joy.

Lance cupped Keith's face and examined if this was his imagination,but it wasn't it was really Keith,the one he loves so dearly. He finally sees his cute ears,the yellow eyes that gleamed so bright,and that smile was a cure for his depression. Lance finally felt how hungry he was,felt how tired he was,and he can feel his greasy hair,but before he could concentrate on that he kissed Keith,passionately.

At first,Keith was too surprised to kiss back,but seconds after he melted into the kiss,both returning their kisses. They pull back with a string of saliva connecting their lips,"I've missed you so much!" Lance hugged Keith even tighter than before,"I missed you too." Keith said with an amorous tone.

That night they slept peacefully,in each other's arms,safe from harm.


Does anyone want a smut chapter? A bonus one?

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