Sleepless Nights

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It's been a few days since Keith has joined the team,Shiro is still adjusting to having a Galra in the team,but over all,everyone is cool with Keith.

Keith never thought he'd have a family that actually cares if he's alive and breathing,he only dreamed of this,but never thought it would come true.

Lance is very glad everyone accepted,Keith as a fellow paladin.

Everything is alright,for now.

The stars shined brightly in the midnight sky,and the palidans sleep peacefully under the roof of the castle,all except two.

Lance couldn't sleep he's too homesick to sleep,actually he hasn't been getting sleep at all ever since they were named Defenders of the Universe. When he gets homesick he goes to the control room where he can see Earth,but only on a map where he can't see his family or his home.

Keith couldn't sleep because he feels like something is keeping him up like a voice is telling him it's not yet the time to rest,so he hopped off his bed and went out to walk around a bit. While he walked he can hear a faint sobbing in the distance,he walks faster to the cries of a distressed person.

When he got to the noise he spotted a young blue palidan,having his head between his knees and crying mumbling about something,Keith felt something in him break as he saw Lance cry.

Lance sobbed and sobbed thinking about his family,friends,home,Earth,everything, and he misses it so much that it hurts.

Keith cautiously walked toward the sad boy,"Lance?" Keith whispered,"Keith?" Lance turned his head,surprised to see the him,"Why are you crying?" Keith is very concerned about Lance,"Nothing..." Lance didn't want to bother Keith with his useless crying,"It's not nothing,you're crying,you can talk to me about it." Keith sat next to Lance thing to comfort him. Lance has no idea what got over him,it was like he didn't have control over himself,he hugged Keith tightly in a wrm embrace,he wailed on about Earth and how he misses it.

Keith is trying his best to make him feel better buy whispering sweet things to Lance,and he even sang a song that he learned as a child,Lance thought Keith's voice was angelic when he sang.

After Lance stopped crying,they were in a close hug,"Thank you,Keith." Lance snuggled into Keith's shoulder,"Your welcome,Lance." Keith smiled warmly at Lance.

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