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Dried blood stained the Metallic floor,the dim light seemed to become pitch black,and panting can be heard from a very sad Galra. Pain surges through his body,mainly his wrists,from pulling the chains too hard,attempting to free himself.

The door slides open,letting light enter into every nook and cranny in the chamber,"Are you ready?" A women in a cloth that covered her entire body and some parts of her face,except for the mouth. She grinned at Keith,then orders the guards to take him to what Keith assumed a torture room,but he wasn't going to give up that easily.

He screamed and tries to remove the tight chains again,but his wrists hurt too much for any type of attempts,"Foolish boy! Now you'll be even weaker when we put you in the area." The witch said,the two guards quickly used a taser to neutralize Keith. He blacked out.

The palidans are in the control room,exploiting plans and what to do with them,"Maybe we can lure them away from Keith?" Hunk suggested,"We could,but they would have hundreds of guards protecting him." Allura explained.

Lance didn't listen to what the plans they're coming up with,he kept staring at what's left of Keith,his gloves. His fingerless gloves that he left in the ship when he changed into his armor,the same ones he touched,the same ones he loved,the same gloves that had his hands in. Lance felt his tears brim him eyes.

Lance felt a hand on his shoulder,"Lance,we all miss him as much as you do,but if you want to save him,you have to listen to the plans and play your part." Shiro used his famous "dad talks" Lance's eyesight blurred with tears threatening to leak,"I-I'll try" Lance barely croaked the sentence out of his throat.

Keith slowly opened his eyes,he hears screaming,and people talking,he sits up,"Looks like the Galra captured their own kind." An alien said,she had eyes like gem stones,skin is like a smooth yellow creamy color,and horns that curled up,"Are you okay? You're wrists are bleeding." She put her hands on his wrists,inspecting it,"Here." She ripped her uniform and wrapped the cloth around Keith's  wrists,"That should help with the blood." She smiled warmly at Keith,"Why did you do that?" Keith has never met anyone who would do such a deed,"I'm,Miracle." She greeted,"I couldn't just let you die in pain." She pulled Keith up,"We're about to fight in the arena,so I didn't want you to have a disadvantage." She really is like a miracle,"Thank you." Keith smiled,"I'm,Keith." He raised his hand for a shake,and she took it,happily shaking his hand.

Keith never thought he would meet another person this nice as the palidans.

Keith never thought he would meet another person this nice as the palidans

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This is what I imagined Miracle to look like.

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