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During dinner time,Miracle and Lance got into a food fight and soon enough everyone joined in for fun,but for Lance and Miracle it was war. After that settled down,everyone is cleaning the mess they made.

It's already been two days,and it was time for Miracle to go back to her base. She said her farewells and left. Lance was so happy to get her off the ship.

Lance finally got Keith to himself,and it's the perfect time to confess,but Lance doesn't want to ruin the chance,so he thought about how he was going to say the way he feels about Keith 'Should I do it the romantic way or the natural way?' Lance couldn't decide. Eventually he figured it out,he was going to do it his way,the Lance way.

He finally chose to walk to Keith's room and when he arrived he felt the same sensations he did before. The shacking knees,racing heart,mind going blank,it was like time was repeating itself,but his movements where interrupted when the alarms boomed across the castle.

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