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Keith isn't too surprised,but the others seemed to be more shocked than he was before,"Did you know anything about this?" Allura asked,having the greatest suspicion that this is some clone,"No. I had no idea I was half human." Keith stayed still,he's too afraid to move,"Keith,can you change back into a Galra,Keith didn't answer his too uncertain about his moves,he only nodded,and changed back,well at least tried to,he covered most of his body with the Galra form,"Interesting." Coran mumbled,like he discovered a new species.

After a few tests,Keith got back to doing his own thing,but everyone had more questions for him,"Who are your parents?" "Where did you live?" "How do you feel about this?" Keith couldn't handle all these questions flooding his ears,"I don't know,I lived in a Galra ship,and I feel really confused,oh,and by the way Galras don't even get to know their parents." Everyone had one question on their mind,"It's because when we get birthed we get traded in to a nanny to train for the Galra empire." Everyone's mouths dropped to the ground,"What?!" Everyone appears so sad and shocked,"It's a thing we do,so we won't grow any emotional attachments to anyone." Allura is throwing a fit,"Why that's just cruel!" Allura shouted."Yeah." Now that Keith thought of it,his kind really did terrible things.

The thing Allura said about being cruel,it is cruel. Later that same day Keith is in the control room,gazing at the wide map. The map takes him to a memory way,way back when he was at least 5 years old.

This map can lead you to greatness!

He remembers the nanny.

Don't take them,take me instead!

She wasn't like the other nannies,she was so nice,and she was the closest thing to a mother,but eventually the authorities found out about her being nice and motherly and threatened to take him away,but she spared his life with hers.

Hot tears run down Keith's face,why did she sacrifice herself for my miserable life? She could have lived on. I'm sorry.

Lance was whistling a tune,but he heard a familiar sound,crying? It sounds like it's coming form the control room.


This was a little rushed but don't worry,I'll try to make the next chapter better!

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