Meet and Greet

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Keith is nervous about meeting Lance's friends,"Are you sure they'll accept me?" Keith asked,"Of course,they have to! You're a part of our team!" He yelled with optimism,"If you say so." Keith mumbled.

They ride back to the castle,that's when Lance got a voice message from his team,"Lance are you okay?" ,"You found the red lion?!Who's ridding it?!" ,"Are you okay?!" ,"Lance who's riding the red lion?!" A bunch of voices full Lance's ears,"One at a time!" Lance yelled,"You guys have to accept this guy he's...different,and someone you don't want to trust,but he has good intentions,please,he really needs it." Lance can't tell them that the red lion is being piloted by a Galra,they'll freak out.

Lance lands his lion safely on the ground so did Keith. Lance walked out of the lion's entrance where he sees his team mates smiling happily at him,"Lance you're okay!!!" Hunk runs forward giving him a bone crushing hug,"Now can you tell us who's riding the red lion?" Shiro asked,"You guys need to be accepting to him,he's different,but he really means no harm." Lance explains,they all nod to his explanation.

Keith walked out to see the others faces all surprised 'I knew it,they're probably going to kill me.' Keith quickly goes back inside the lion,"Hey! Keith! Don't go,they just never expected you!" Lance runs after Keith and pulls him out,"H-hi." Keith stuttered,"Guys this is Keith." Keith examined everyone's faces only to see disgust contoured on their face.

Shiro had a glare that can drill holes in your face,Pidge doesn't even look at Keith,Allura his trying her best not to punch him,Coran can't even believe this,Hunk is backing away.

Keith knew it----no he knows this will happen,"Maybe it's best if I just go back to hell." Keith struggled to get out if Lance's grip,"Let me go." Keith tried to push Lance away,"Maybe it is best if you did go back." Pidge said with anger,"Pidge! Don't be rude!" Lance is trying his best to keep the atmosphere less tense,but he's failing at it.

Shiro goes into his battle stance,"DID YOU STEAL IT!" Shiro threatened Keith,"Shiro! Please be reasonable." Lance blocks Shiro's way,"It's a Galra!" Hunk screeched in fear.

Keith felt the same feeling he does everyday,sadness,hopeless,anger,and all that sad jazz.

Allura is staring at Keith,"Well,he is a part of our team now,we should respect him as if he wasn't Galra." Allura stepped closer to Keith,but he stepped back,afraid of what she might do to him,"Keith,you are a part of this team,we will respect you no matter what you are." She assured with a warm smile,the same smile Lance gave him,the same one that made his heart flutter,the same smile that made him...happy.

He smiled back,"Th-thanks princess." Keith never felt accepted before,he never felt so happy,"Well if the Princess trusts you,then I will!" Coran yelled with pride.

Keith couldn't respond to his announcement,he never thought that anyone would accept him,"Don't worry my boy! Without you we could never form Voltron!" Coran cheered.

Keith tried to process the current event happening,he looked at the remaining people standing across from him,two of them made a glare at him while one of them was about to cry in fear (guess who that is😏) Keith was rethinking his life choices at to why he agreed to this,oh yeah,it's because of Lance.

Lance smiled from ear to ear from how accepting his team mates are,"Come on guys! Allura and Coran accepted him as a teammate!" Lance persuaded the others to join the group,Lance didn't really have a good feeling about this,but he held his hopes high.

Shiro didn't like this,not one bit,but he needed to,for Voltron and the safety of the universe,"Alright." He reluctantly agreed,everyone gasped in surprised,Keith is panicking for his life IS HE GOING TO KILL ME! Keith wasn't ready to die yet.

Pidge was still holding her grudge against the Glara,she finally walked to Keith and saying these few words,"You better find out where my family is." Pidge can be scary when she wants to be.

Hunk is still very terrified,"Hunk it's okay,he won't hurt you." Lance tried comforting him,he only whimpered,"Okay." Lance smiled maybe things will work out.

Keith knew why they joined it's only because without him they would never form Voltron,they would never defeat Zarkon,he feels used,the same feeling he gets everyday waking up to the cruel ruler.

Lance noticed Keith's expression,he came close and wrap his arm around his shoulder,"I told you they would accept you!" He wanted Keith to feel at home,he wanted him to be loved.

Keith chuckles,"Thanks." Lance nodded in response.keith is having those tingling feelings again,is it really love?

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