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After that near death experience,everyone relaxed and took a little break,Lance was thinking about Keith...again,Keith was always running around in his thoughts ever since they met,he thought it was nothing,but he kept thinking about his smile,his adorable ears,how he doesn't understand human culture,just Keith in general,and it's driving him insane.

Keith wanted to go outside of the castle to investigate on the robeast,but he needed to be silent. He took and escape pod and landed where the robeast was,Keith inspected the quintessence,and attempted to touch the yellow liquid first,but something bizarre happened,his fingertips turned to a skin tone same as a human,he's freaking out,but it stopped only spreading to his whole hand,"What the quiznack?" He noticed there was a another container that had a purple,He wanted to see if this has something to do with his past,about who he really is,Good thing the liquid is still in a big container,so he grabbed some in a two jars,and went off.

After getting back to the castle he quickly ran to the bathroom,he took out the two liquids,he took out the yellow one first,"How do I look as a human?" Keith muttered to himself,he opened the jar and poured it onto himself,he closed his eyes and slowly opened them to see a completely different person.

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