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Everyone is gathered at the control center. Chatters filled the room and a tense feeling slithered down everyone's backs. It was a whole fleet of gala ships in the area,and they're all headed straight towards them,"Paladins! Get to your lions!" Allura demanded,everyone scattered to their Lions,but for some weird reason Lance feels his stomach churn,he had many battles with the galra,why is he so nervous?

The Lions flew to the Battle field and explosions were seen wherever you look,lasers shoot from both sides,sweat slides down the paladins necks,but they aren't going to give up that easily.

Just when it seemed to be under control,Lance's stomach feels tight and sick he feels like something very bad is going to happen,but what could it be? Just when he had the thought Keith screamed in pain.

Everyone's attention went to the Red lion being beaten by another robot,practically forcing the mouth of the lion to open exposing Keith to the deadly being. It grabbed Keith with its sharp metal claws. Lance couldn't just watch Keith die,he charged forward and tackled the robeast out of the way,but a red blob caught his attention.

It's Keith,floating in space,his armor is teared and red liquid leaks out if his body. Keith's eyes looked dim and dead,his body was not moving,nothing looked right,not even his limbs looked right,they're bent in a weird way.

Lance didn't know it,but he's crying and shouting for Keith's name,he needed to hear his voice something to assure him that Keith isn't dead,but nothing could be heard. Lance couldn't move his body stopped functioning after seeing blood flood into the black emptiness of space,the only thing that was moving is his tears dropping to the metal floor.

Lance's mind went to a dark place,somewhere he didn't want to go. At first it was a soft tingle then quickly became a flame of hatred.  He felt something break in him,something that was forbidden to be broken,something deep inside of him that was tucked away.


He pushed the levers furiously and crashed into the beast that killed Keith,he ripped it apart,burned it with his lasers,and froze the remaining pieces,then he did the same to the other ships. His anger was like a dancing flame in a forest,killing everything in its path.

After what seemed like hours of shouting and crying tears of hot,fiery anger,they defeated the galra.

During the battle Allura and Coran pulled in the red lion and Keith. Right now he's in the healing pod,they said he'd be in there for about a week. Lance is relieved,but he still feels like bursting into tears.

Lance didn't care if he didn't get enough sleep,or wasn't eating enough. He didn't care.  The only thing he wanted is to see Keith walk out if the pod.

Days passed and Lance is still sitting in front of the pod,"Lance?" Shiro came into the room,"You miss him too?" Shiro asked,Lance nodded,"I know Keith is important to you,but at least eat something." Shiro placed a plate beside Lance,"I'm not hungry." Lance said with a raspy voice.  Lance didn't feel hungry or tired. He had dark bags under his eyes that almost looked like bruises,his hair is greasy,and his body seemed to be a lot more lanky than usual.

Lance watched as Shiro left him alone. Lance needs to see Keith,to see if he's fine,to see his bright smile,his cute ears,those eyes that glowed so bright. Lance needed to see him again.

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