Half Human

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Keith couldn't believe this,is he half human? Or is it just the serum,whatever he needs to see if it's him or the serum,but who...Lance.

Lance is in his room struggling to get Keith out of his mind,Keith on the other hand was desperately trying to avoid the others because they might freak out about this.

Lance started to get perverted thoughts about Keith in his bed,but that thought crashed when he heard a sudden knock on his door,he opened the door seeing an unfamiliar face,but with a familiar voice,"Lance! I need to show you something!" The stranger pushed Lance in the room,"Wh-who are you?" Lance shoved the boy down making a yelping sound,"It's me,Keith." Lance looked at his eyes,seemed to glow a bright violet,"K-Keith? But your-"
"Human? Yeah,I know,but that's why I came here to tell you." Keith took out a jar of a neon purple liquid,"What is that?" Lance couldn't process this event,"It's the quintessence from the robeast,but the one that turned me into human was a yellow color,but I wasted it all to turn me human." Keith mumbled the last part,"So what do you want me to do?!" Lance felt like he was going crazy,"I want you to dip your hand in here." Keith opened the jar and stick his hand and it turned a purple color,"I don't know if it's the serum,or if it's me that's doing this transformation,so can you test it out? Please?" Lance couldn't say no to Keith especially when he was begging,"Okay." Keith smiled.

Lance slowly stuck his hand in the jar,and when he did nothing happened,"So it's me,am I half human?" Keith questioned everything about his entire life,"Well,that's okay." Lance didn't want Keith to be upset,he didn't like seeing him in any distress,"You're still the Keith we know and love." Lance tried to comfort Keith,"Thanks,but do you Ike me better as a human?" Keith looked at him with those same purple eyes that contained stars,"W-well,I don't kn-know,I like you e-either way." Lance can feel his face get hot,"Woah,is it getting hot in here?" Lance feels warm everywhere,"Are you sick?" Keith put his hand on Lance's forehead 'I'm gay' Was all that Lance was thinking about.

Keith can feel Lance burning,"Are you sure you're okay?" Keith is getting worried,"Y-yeah!" Lance stuttered still looking like a tomato,"Okay,thank you for helping me and supporting me even when the others didn't." At that moment Lance wanted to kiss Keith so badly it hurt his heart to not do it,"Y-your welcome." Lance mustered all his strength to not cup his hands on Keith's face,"I guess I should change back,I'll see you later." Keith walked out the door before running like the wind,leaving a very flustered Lance in his room.

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