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The team is ready to make a move and free Keith from the chambers of the enemy. Lance is too pumped to see Keith again,Shiro tried calming him down,but Lance couldn't handle it. Pidge hacked into the system and managed to see the videos on the cameras,"Uh,guys? Keith isn't in his prison," she paused,"Well?" Lance's stomach churned,"He going to fight in the arena." Pidge said,"Then we have to hurry. Come one, Lance." Shiro ordered everyone to get into their places.

Keith was too worried to think about anything,he might die,"Throw him in." The witch demanded with her easy voice coursing through Keith's cat like ears. He felt the guards push him in and heard the doors sliding to close,"Oh,no." Keith nurtured to himself as he sees a fearsome monster unleash after the doors open.

The note. Keith remembered to note 'dodge the attacks' he did what it said because it might be a way to save his life. The beast is at least 7ft tall,teeth big and sharp like a knife,and a club that had blood stains on it. It charged towards Keith with a loud roar,and it swung its bat to Keith's head,but lucky for Keith his great reflexes and agility saved him. He kept avoiding the alien's strikes for what seemed like hours,finally a voice boomed through the whole room.

A woman with yellow creamy skin,eyes like emeralds,and horns that go upwards 'Miracle?' Is what Keith thought,"Fight!" She yelled then dozens of aliens leaped in the air and attack the monster until it was nothing but blood and guts.

Keith is too stunned to move,he felt his knees shake a bit,"Keith! Are you okay?" Miracle came down with a graceful jump,"Y-yeah." Keith managed to say a single word,"Are you in a rebellion or something?" Keith finally finds his voice,"Yes! I was hoping would you join?" Her yellow face glowed a bright green,"Uh,yeah but to be honest I'm already in a team." Keith said,"Really?" Her green glow faded,Keith couldn't put his finger on to why her face grew into a green color,"Have you heard of Voltron?" Her face tilted to the side,"What?" Keith had a lot of explaining to do.

Shiro and Lance were at the destination of where Keith should be,but they were greeted with a very different sight,"What the quiznack happened here?" Lance asked,"Oh! Lance,Shiro!?" Keith ran to them with a smile,"What happened?" Shiro asked in a stern voice,"A lot happened." Keith answered.

Lance was about to hug Keith,but a hand crept up on his shoulder,"Keith who are these people?" An unfamiliar face appeared out of nowhere,"Oh,this is Lance and Shiro." She took quick glances at both of them,"Hey! I'm Miracle!" She raised her hand for a shake,Shiro gladly took it,but Lance felt something strangling his heart,"So Keith is anyone on the team,you know,with you?" Lance felt appalled at that question 'Is this bitch serious?' Keith answered anyways,oblivious to the meaning of her question,"No,why?" He had no idea.

Lance couldn't take anymore of this bullshit,"Okay! That's enough chit chat! Let's get going,Keith." Lance snatched Keith's hand,but was pulled back,"Wait,she saved my life and I want to repay her,at least give her a reward or something." Keith stared at Lance with those eyes of his that made Lance weak,"Fine." Lance's anger is boiling,"What do you want?" He asked in a rude way,"I want to stay in the castle." She smiled,"Oh,is that too much?" She looked down,"Ye-"  "No! That's okay,but we may need to make some room." Shiro interrupted Lance. Lance hated the new figure.

After a long day of rescuing people and sending them to their rightful places now all they have to decide if Miracle can stay in the castle for a while,"It would be rude to but kick her out." Allies said,"But she can't stay! What if she's a traitor like Nyma and Rollo was?" Lance didn't want that bitch around Keith,"Well,she did save Keith's life." Hunk agreed with Allura,"Whoever wants her to stay for a few days raise your hand." Pidge raised her hand with a smug smirk on her face and everyone else raised their hands,"Looks like your outnumbered." Pidge smiles,"Ugh!" Lance didn't like Miracle,not one bit.

After announcing that Miracle was going to stay for a few days they set up a bed on the couch,then they thought they should get a little break from all the labor they did.

Lance didn't trust Keith to be alone because of that Miracle 'Is that even her real name?' Lance hated Miracle not only for liking Keith,but for clinging on to him like they were a thing. She pets him,touches his ears,hugs him,and worst of all she tried to kiss him! On the lips! Lance wanted to talk this out with Keith.

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