The Red Paladin

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Keith was supposed to hunt down the Voltron team,but instead he got stranded with one of their teammates on a hot,and I mean hot,like lava hot planet. They're stuck on an island thick enough to not burn their skin off their feet,so it was okay to walk on it.

Lance is keeping his distance from Keith,and Keith is just trying to figure out how to get off of this planet,"Listen. We have to work together in order for us to get off this hot planet." Keith spoke up to get Lance's attention,"Oh,really?" Lance looked agitated,"Look I know you don't trust me because I'm a Galra,but when this is over you can hate me,and we can keep fighting,okay?" Keith needs to get off this planet it's getting on his nerves,"Fine,but that doesn't make us friends." Lance spoke with an attitude,"What do you suggest we do." Lance is glaring at Keith as if he was piercing a hole through him,"Um,we could just explore a bit to see if anything works." Keith suggested,Lance appeared to agree and walked away.

Lance didn't like this Galra not one bit,he hated him,he hated all of them,I mean what's the point of ruling the universe you live in? Why? Sometimes Lance doesn't understand villains.

Keith is pondering of what to do at this point,so he just turned the opposite direction and walks away from the blue lion.

Later Keith found a cave of some sort,but it looks more like a a crater. He becomes curious and goes inside,and saw strange markings on the wall of the crater-like-cave,like pictograms,he reached to examine them more,but a sudden red glow came from the cave itself,he gasped.

The cave starts to shake uncontrollably and lava oozes out of the cave's walls. Keith couldn't process this,it happened so sudden,he turned to run,but only to see a waterfall of lava block his way 'where the hell did that come from?' Keith turned around to see a giant red lion float out of the pond of lava.

Keith gazed at how amazing yet terrifying this thing is. He walked slowly towards it,"What is this?" Keith touched the force field,an abrupt sound came from the lion 'you are the pilot for the red lion,but you must fight for that privilege.'Keith is astonished by the fact that a robotic lion just talked to him.

Rock like soldiers climbed out of the lava along with weapons,eager to fight 'Shit. This might be a while for me to get out of here.' Keith thought.

Lance is calmly walking thinking about that galra 'he's not so mean like I thought he would he actually talked to me in a somewhat manner of kindness,maybe I shouldn't have been so harsh.' Lance's train of thought quickly disappears when an earthquake happened.

Lance began to run towards his lion,to be honest he doesn't know why he's running he just panicked.

When Lance got back he didn't see that galra guy again 'Is he...lost?' Lance began to worry 'Wait I'm worrying about a galra...well,he didn't kill me or tried to.' Lance is lost in thought 'I should look for him.' Lance procrastinated over the depiction and chose to look for him.

Lance comes across a crater-like-cave,it shines bright with shades of red,and it had...weird markings on it 'he couldn't.' Lance is dumbfounded about that galra being the pilot of the red lion.

When he walked deeper into the cave he saw a wall of what seemed like lava blocking the way. Lance is confused 'Can lava even do that?'.

Keith manages to defeat the rock dummies 'Well done young warrior,now you have my trust.' Keith is panting and tired after that exhausting fight.

The lava wall collapsed,Keith turned around seeing the blue pilot,"Y-you're the pilot?" Lance can't believe he couldn't believe it,but it's right in front of his own eyes,"I think so." Keith replied,"Well,what are you waiting for! Go!" Lance encouraged the galra to walk towards it,"I don't think I'm the pilot." Keith doesn't deserve this,"The lion chose you!" The blue paladin yelled with encouragement.

Keith kept looking back and forth,he finally accepts it and walks to the red lion and touched the force field once more. The field disappeared into flakes of fire,and the lion lowered its head and opened the entrance inside.

Keith moved in with caution. Lance is witnessing this event,he stared at the galra walking inside.

Keith sat in the chair 'Okay...this is a new feeling.' Keith felt a sudden movement of the lion.

Lance saw the lion's head move up and walked towards him,he ran out of the cave to avoid being squished by the lion.

Keith is having these sensations,a feeling of knowledge on what to do,he can't really describe why he's feeling this way,but it could be the lion's doing.

Lance sees the red lion near the cave's entrance,he hears zapping noises from afar,it's his lion 'It must be responding to the red lion.' Lance knows it must be it.

After a while they got the blue lion fixed up and ready to go,"Hey,thanks for you know...fixing my lion." Lance thanked the galra,"It's the lion that fixed it not me." Keith answered,"Um,my name's Lance since where're going to be a part of a team,I welcome you." Lance greeted with a smile. Keith has never seen a warm smile like that;in fact,he never even seen anyone smile like that,"I'm Keith." Keith mumbled he doesn't deserve any of this.

Lance noticed his bitter tone,"Keith you are a Glara,but that doesn't mean your bad,you're a palidan. Don't worry I'm sure the others will accept you." Lance assured,"Now,stop moping around and get going!" Lance exclaimed in excitement as he got into his lion.

Keith fells something poking at his heart,it feels so new,he can't identify it. Could it be happiness or love?

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