Life and Death

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The palidans were not ready for this,they never expected to fight something so similar,but so different,they weren't ready.

A tall figure is just like voltron,but looks to sinister,just by looking at it you can see your death in its eyes.

They aren't prepared to fight something like this.

Death is watching carefully at the palidans and getting ready to cut their lives with the scythe,they don't want to die,no one does.

They fought and fought,but the imposter kept getting up without a scratch,everyone was losing hope to escape death's grasp.

Lance thought he was going to die,he had to say it,"Keith,if we don't make it out alive,I wanted you to kn-" they were hit right at the center,everyone struggled to stay in their seats(they don't have seat belts,so it'll be hard to stay in the seat)voltron collapsed.

Allura fired at the robeats with the castle's defenses,"Palidans!get up!" She yelled in hopes if they're alive.

The team can feel a ship pain all over their bodies,"We're fine!" Shiro assured,"How are we going to beat this thing?!" Pidge yelled with a quivering voice,"Wait a's getting powered by the quintessence! Maybe if we cut it off,it'll shut down!" Keith acknowledged the tubes running through the evildoer,"We'll give it a try!" Shiro ordered everyone with a booming voice.

They pulled out their sword and managed to slice the pipe that connected with the monster,it fell with a big explosion to go with the victory,everyone celebrated.

The others were thanking Keith for the plan,"If it wasn't for you,we would have ended dead!" Hunk gave Keith a hug that can crush the life out of you,"I-it was nothing." Hunk let go,"Nothing!? You saved our lives!" Hunk smiled wide,"Yeah! We wouldn't have survived!" Pidge agreed smirking,"You really are a palidan." Shiro's sentence had a lot of meaning to it,"I told you,you would be a great palidan." Lance gave Keith an unforgiving embrace,the others gasped,and whispered to each other,Keith didn't know what to do,Lance released him,"I'm glad I met you." Lance smiled warmly,Keith blushed,"Y-yeah me too." Everyone smirked at them.

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