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Keith finally got away from Miracle,it's not like he doesn't like her,but she's so clingy. She hasn't stop smothering him in hugs and snuggles since they got on the ship,it really was irritating him,so he hid away from her in his room.

Lance wanted a conversation with Keith to figure out what's going on with him and this bitch,Lance thought Keith would be in his room since he looked annoyed with Miracle getting in his personal space all the time.

He walked up to the door,and he takes a minute to take a deep breath and exhaled. He felt his hands trembling 'When did I get this nervous to talk to him?' Lance felt butterflies in his stomach 'Go knock on the fucking door,Lance,you got this!' It took all of his strength to do just a tiny tap 'DAMN IT,LANCE,YOU CAN DO BETTER!' Lance's knees feel a little shaky 'Knock on the door!' Lance slowly raised his hand and banged the door with all his might,but realized that was way too loud.

Keith jumped to a booming sound on his door,he quickly got out of bed and opened the door. He sees a face that was a shade of red,"Lance? What do you want?" Keith asked,"I-I wanted to talk to you!" Lance yelled,but he quickly covered his mouth,"Oh,okay?" Keith found Lance's behavior very strange.

They entered Keith's room. Keith sat down on his bed,patting a spot next to him,signaling Where Lance is going to sit. Lance seemed a to be sick or something because his face never looked tho red before,"Are you okay?" Keith said,appearing concerned,"Y-yah." Lance's voice cracks,"What did you need to talk about?" Keith asked.

Keith noticed Lance's red face quickly fading and transformed into a disgusted look,"Do you and Miracle have a thing?" Lance sounded serious about this topic,"No,why?" Keith answered,"I don't know. She always clings onto you" Lance's voice became cold and mean,"I don't like her doing that to you" He continued,"I don't like it,it just feels weird,and I feel weird when she does that,a-and she acts like you guys are dating!" His voice became loud and aggressive,"Yeah,I don't like it either." Keith agrees,he doesn't like the attention too much,sure he let's people get in his personal bubble from time to time,but when you do it all the time then it gets annoying.

Lance scooted closer to Keith,"So you guys aren't dating?" Lance suddenly became quiet,"No,we are only friends." Keith assured,"Good. I wanted to confess something to you," he hesitates,"I-I lo-" a loud knock interrupts their conversation,"Dinner time!" Hunk's muffled voice shouts,"Oh,come on!" Keith jumped out running to the door,"Last one their is a rotten egg!" Keith challenged Lance,and he knows that Lance can never back down a challenge.

But Keith never got to know what Lance was going to say,maybe it was something important,but it couldn't be that important,right?

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