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It's a new day,and the Palidans are fresh and awake like a flower,blooming in the warm sunlight. Although Lance is the only one,to think that Keith's bed head is adorable.

Pidge catches Lance in his hypnotic state," have a thing with Keith?" She said wearing a devilish smirk,"N-no! He's just an alien I admire very much!" Lance protested,"Sure." She said,then turning to walk towards the dinning table,leaving Lance in a flustered condition.

They're eating Hunk's breakfast. There's a plate that had space goo on the bottom with these fry figures with stripes,sitting on top of it and the other plate had berries and a type of cream on it and lastly,there was a fresh pancake like layering on top of each other. It appeared very appealing.

Everyone gobbled down the delicious meals until there was nothing left on the dishes. Later they're in the training deck.

Lance didn't pay attention to what Shiro had to say,he's too busy staring at the purple alien. He glances at Keith's yellow eyes,his hair that always falls in the right place,the his cute ears twitch once in a while. It took all of Lance's energy to not pet,Keith.

Shiro notices Lance wasn't listening to him,"Lance! You need to pay attention,or you'll be clueless of what we're doing." Lance quickly twist his head to face Shiro's direction,"S-sorry!" Lance nervously chuckled,"Okay,I'll start again." Shiro went back to scaling his plan for training,but a sudden alarm rang in the castle.

Dozens of Galra battle ships are heading straight towards the ship. The team prepared for battle,Allura and Coran activated the castle's defenses while the others went into their lions. They launched the lions to attack the fleets,of course Shiro ordered the team to form Voltron,but hundreds of lasers came from the Galra ships,causing the team to split up.

Keith blasted his lava beam,Lance froze them with his ice ray,Hunk smashed them into prices,Pidge used her big brain of hers to outsmart them and made them crash into each other,and Shiro sliced the ships in half with his jaw knife. They were doing well,in fact it was quite easy until a giant ship roamed towards them. Quiznak.

The ship looked to be taller than Votron will ever be. It has the same patterns as the fleets did,and a purple glow came from the ship. This isn't good.

The space craft pointed a ray of light,shining down to the red lion. Keith can feel himself being sucked in like a blackhole,his body trembles underneath the surface of the controls,sweat dripped on his fur making it stick to the skin under the thick fur,his heart sinks,this is what true fear is.

Everyone did whatever they can to save Keith from the deadly danger that Keith could get into. everyone was busy clearing away the ships,but for one,Lance. Lance wasn't ready to lose Keith,not yet,not when he didn't confess his feelings to him,not now! Lance raced to Keith's location and shoot laser beams at the ship,trying to stop the function of the machine. Keith tried to pilot his lion out of the situation,but red didn't respond it was like its hypnotized,blindly going into the light,and before he knew it,a claw like contraption reached forward,and it clung onto red's back and pulled in.

Lance is devastated. He let the team down,he let Keith down. Lance couldn't do it in time,'i'm sorry,Keith. Hot tears stream down his face. 'I'm very sorry.' Lance failed to protect the ones he loves.

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