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Keith's POV

My eyes slowly open to see a world filled with color,and flowers that smiled at you,and glee spilled in every corner,its so beautiful. I sat up from my laying position searching around this wonderful place,I'm just in awe of how majestic this world is.

I see a glorious flower waving from the soft wind blowing over the land,I examine it,staring at its beauty,but right when I touched it,it burned into ashes,suddenly everything around me burned a bright red.

My heart beat became uneven,my breathing quickens,and my body freezes,like someone is holding me tight,making me face the fire as it danced on the field,burning the paradise down until there was nothing but ash.

Whispers started to surround me,with harsh insults that felt like sharp knives piercing through my body,the next thing I know is that I'm crying and begging them to stop,but my efforts are useless just like me.

"Keith! Wake up,it's breakfast time!" I quickly get up and franticly looked around,my breathing slows down and my heart beat steadies,it was just a nightmare,"Keith!" A familiar voice called for him,"I'm coming!" Keith answered.

3rd person

Keith has been getting nightmares like that ever since he joined the team,it's been bothering him a lot,sometimes he asks himself if he was ever really the real palidan for the red lion,sometimes he wished to never have even been born,sometimes he wishes that he was dead.

Everyone was having their little chat with the other,"Hey,Lance,is he coming?" Shiro asked,"Yeah." Lance answered,a little surprised that Shiro would be concerned about Keith,and speak of the devil,here he comes,"Morning." Keith waved at everyone while entering the kitchen to get one of Hunk's special breakfast dishes,Lance noticed that Keith had a bags under his bright yellow eyes.

Meanwhile at Zarkon's lair

"I'll teach that traitor to never betray me!" Zarkon is furious,"Please,my lord,let me build a stronger opponent for them." Haggar(is that how you spell the witch's name?) pleaded,"Fine,but build this." Zarkon handed a blueprint to Haggar,she chuckled mischievously,"That'll do." And with that she walked away with an evil smile.

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