Déjà vu

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Hot tears slide down Keith's face as he remembers all the painful memories of his past. He did bad things.

Lance walked to the control room,seeing the Galra weeping,"Keith?" Lance walked cautiously towards him,"Lance." Keith wasn't expecting anyone to accompany him,"Why are you crying?" Lance sat down next to Keith,putting his arm around Keith's shoulders. Keith's yellow eyes glow bright in the dim light,hit tears roll down his face. Keith attempts to wipe off the tears,but they keep coming back,"I-it's nothing." Keith answered,but Lance can see through him like a window,"It's obvious that you're not fine." Lance did circle motions on Keith's back,"You wanna talk about it?" Lance smiled at Keith. Keith didn't have control of his body,he hugged Lance,crying about his past and the awful things he did.

All Lance could do in this situation was to listen,listen to his friend's past,family,Zarkon,the torture he went through,everything. Lance kept patting Keith's back to comfort him,whispering sweet nothings into his car like ears.

After,for what felt like hours,Keith stopped sobbing into Lance's chest,"Thank you." Is what Keith could get out if his throat,"No prob." Lance chuckled,feeling a strange sensation inside him. It feels foreign,but so familiar,this emotion could be wrapped away and thrown out of his system,but the feeling was so new and Lance wanted to feel like this all the time,it could be that Lance is accepting his feelings for Keith.

He wants to wait,it's not time to spill his emotions out,Keith is already stressed,he doesn't want to add on the tower of worries. Maybe tomorrow.

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