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Intoxicating mist  ~voltron fan fic~ DISCONTINUED by spicey1boi
Intoxicating mist ~voltron fan spicy potato boi
the team all except keith go on a mission to take down the galra with a special weapon given by a local planet . "any galra who become exposed will be effected and...
Orphanage Memories (Voltron x TPN) by Springla
Orphanage Memories (Voltron x TPN)by HolaSoyRarito:3
An AU where Keith is Ray from the promised neverland. (fic inspired by ChildofApollo on Youtube)
Survival of the Innocent (A Voltron fanfic) (Book 1 of Fates Entwined) by MEJ2235
Survival of the Innocent (A MEJ2235
One deca-phoeb, a Galra female by the name of Krolia kept the Galra from finding the Blue Lion. However, her ship received damages and she crashed. A human found her, ba...
Galra Keith (Voltron) by BloomBlossomFlower
Galra Keith (Voltron)by Blossom
keitor -Keith has always been part of Galra and has always known, no one else knew except for Lotor. something happens which makes Allura realizes something is wrong.
Kit Keith by 20MarMar09
Kit Keithby 20MarMar09
Something happened to Keith. Something made him start acting different, more... childlike. What if the whole war is just a big misunderstanding? And what if Keith isn't...
Hunting the past (Kit Keith) by JessicaNaylor2
Hunting the past (Kit Keith)by JessicaNaylor2
Once know as Kit Keith, now known as the first book of the Kit Keith series; Hunting the past. Keith is a only a kit. After mistreatment from the paladins, an ancient p...
A Game of Keith and Mouse by nonbinary_nightmare
A Game of Keith and Mouseby Hiya, I’m Dem!
What if Keith was more cat-like? This collection of stories takes place in a universe where everything is the same, except Keith's Galra heritage gives him some traits s...
The White Lion by Alex_Venom
The White Lionby ❤️Alex❤️
Alex Shirogane is a pilot at the one and only Garrison. Which her brother being Shiro she has a lot of work to do to live up to his legacy. Once Shiro goes on the Kerber...
The Black Wolf: Keith x Male!reader by Ace_of_Stories
The Black Wolf: Keith x Male!readerby Tim
Have you ever looked up into the night sky and tried to imagine what it be like out? Well what ever you're thinking is probably far from the truth. I grew up out there...
The Omega With Blue Eyes by Lexi323
The Omega With Blue Eyesby Lexi Right
Lance McClain has wondered his whole life if anyone will be able to look past his Omega status and love him for him. When he meets two Alphas, Shiro and Keith, he feels...
How Could This Have Happened? by Bloody_Sparkles
How Could This Have Happened?by Bloody_Sparkles
Another reality, another timeline, a different story. In this reality, the galra never turned against Voltron and the rest of the universe. Everything was peaceful until...
The Transformation by JustSomeFanGirl101
The Transformationby FanGirl
After a night of nightmares and screaming, Lance is sent to check up on Keith... I don't own the characters or the show, that all belongs to DreamWorks, I just own the s...
 Smutty Shiro X Keith Oneshots♡ by floralsu3
Smutty Shiro X Keith Oneshots♡by floralsu3
Shiro x keith smuts and maybe fluff than smut ☺️🏳️‍🌈💕
Albino |Keith x Galra!reader| by MikaeldaMuffin
Albino |Keith x Galra!reader|by MikaelIsGone
Being an Albino Galra meant harassment. That is what Y/N grew up with. Being a rogue Galra that caused havoc in the Galra empire, you endured a lot. What happens when yo...
Not a Participation Game by andy-sterling
Not a Participation Gameby Andromeda Sterling
When Lance talked to Keith about his insecurities, the last thing he expected was for Keith to step out of Voltron so Lance could pilot the Red Lion. Lance goes to talk...
Voltron: The Lost Lion | Keith X Reader | Voltron Fanfic by Stephiecake03
Voltron: The Lost Lion | Keith X ❁Steph❁
•ONGOING!!• {Highest rankings: #1 in voltronlegendarydefender & keithxreader & voltronxreader & purplelion & a lot more 💜} You are (Y/N), half Galra and half human, and...
Wait...What? Omega!? by ShadowStepArt
Wait...What? Omega!?by ShadowStepArt
This is just a story that I had been thinking of for a while. It's based in the Omegaverse. Lance McClain has a fear of people knowing that he is an omega, but what hap...
Walk Through The Fire by Lexi323
Walk Through The Fireby Lexi Right
Lance McClain is an omega struggling for money, that was kicked out of home by his family. He lives in New York as a waiter by day, stripper by night. When he captures t...
Warmth (Klance Warmth series Book 1 of +4) by LightofShadows
Warmth (Klance Warmth series LightofShadows
They lost. Voltron lost. 10,000 years ago, Altea lost. Now they have a chance to fight again, to win. They had to win. To win meant to survive. Woken from a 10,000 year...
Coming Home [Soulmate AU] by Musical_Marty
Coming Home [Soulmate AU]by Musical Babeyyyy
HEY EVERYONE! KLANCE FANFICTION TIME! Keith has been away with the Blade of Marmora for so long, and Lance misses him desperately and he's not sure why. When Keith does...