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The Dragon Alchemist by TurDragon
The Dragon Alchemistby Jade Kaiba
Voltron reader insert. Slow updates. I'm sorry. When Zarkon is forcing an Altean warrior to become a living weapon for his own play. This person becomes a great deal to...
Galra Keith by Vodka_girl
Galra Keithby dead beat
No one knew Keith was that strong, but he really was that, strong. "I'm sick of pretending!" Keith always yelled as he sagged below everyone in ... everything...
Catch the Stars ||Keith Kogane|| by soopergirl
Catch the Stars ||Keith Kogane||by soopergirl
In the 10,000 year war going on throughout the universe, there are too many who despise Zarkon's rule. But none will act on their hate, too scared of the consequences. T...
{BLUE} -Shiro x Male!OC-  by haikyuuhaiku
{BLUE} -Shiro x Male!OC- by 🔹
~Zanya had everything. He was happy. That all changed when he woke up in the arms of a stranger in a castle that only served to remind him of what he had lost.~
Kit Keith by Pillowgirl_XO
Kit Keithby Pillowgirl_XO
So basically me trying to write a ff about Voltron in english so please have mercy on my soul. He is recognised as a kit after a mission which lends to him getting injur...
Being Galra by shiro_winchester
Being Galraby G A L R A
Being human is difficult, but being galra is even harder nowadays. Not even Keith himself knew about his blood heritage and suddenly transforming into one of the enemies...
Into the Lion's Den (Pidge Fanfiction) (ON HOLD) by Inkwell33
Into the Lion's Den (Pidge Inkwell
Pidge was told that it was dangerous. That the green lion had always been more sinister than the others. But she also knew that her friends needed help. She might have...
Agent Blue by emotionalfangirl123
Agent Blueby Kaz Nori
Lance isn't what he seems, and years of training made him pretty good at hiding himself. That all goes down the drain when he and Pidge come across a base that's said to...
Intoxicating mist  ~voltron fan fic~ by spicey1boi
Intoxicating mist ~voltron fan spicy potato boi
the team all except keith go on a mission to take down the galra with a special weapon given by a local planet . "any galra who become exposed will be effected and...
Not a Participation Game by andy-sterling
Not a Participation Gameby Andromeda Sterling
When Lance talked to Keith about his insecurities, the last thing he expected was for Keith to step out of Voltron so Lance could pilot the Red Lion. Lance goes to talk...
voltron pictures  by allaboard_theship
voltron pictures by J❤
×!ALL CREDIT GOES TO ORIGINAL ARTISTS!× I probably don't own anything in this book except for rare occasions when I actually make something. I have a lot of differing...
The Violet Paladin (Keith x Reader) by AnnabellaToriSmith
The Violet Paladin (Keith x Reader)by Angels1732
(Y/n) was just a normal girl with a normal life. She's always been a dreamer looking to the stars and the future. When one fateful night changes her whole life what secr...
Sorry for Everything I've Done [Galra!Keith fanfiction] by not_sweetheart
Sorry for Everything I've Done [ Blackbird
Okay, this is pure angst. A pile of problems my precious boi Keith's got with the team exaggerated, dramatized and traumatized. Enjoy yourselves. Warning: I am not a nat...
I'd die for them (Voltron Legendary Defenders fanfic) by cookiereader1
I'd die for them (Voltron Two authors one account
"Promise me you'll come back to me alive." "I promise." ----- "It seems like nobody's getting out of this alive my Paladin. Make your choice.&qu...
The Joker by Changelink23
The Jokerby Changelink23
When Allura noticed that none of the characteristical features of the former blue paladin fit Lance's character, she forces team Voltron to sneak after Lance to find out...
Not Quite Human by molly-k8
Not Quite Humanby Molly Kate
When two of the Paladins discover that they aren't as normal as they seem, they receive mixed reactions from the rest of the team. These events may bring them closer tog...
𝔼𝕩𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕥 Ω 𝗩𝗼𝗹𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗻 Ω by Bi-Butterfly13
𝔼𝕩𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕥 Ω 𝗩𝗼𝗹𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗻 Ωby Arixa
The Galran race is becoming a dying breed. Many of them have undergone screening to see which would be fit to carry a child to full term. Those that test positive are ta...
Klance pregnancy AU~ by Shiplover13
Klance pregnancy AU~by ShipLover🍥
Keith keeps a HUGE secret from everyone. Hope u enjoy this book. Smut warning ⚠️ angst ⚠️ (I would've given credit to the artist but I have no clue who the artist is of...
The Omega With Blue Eyes by Lexi323
The Omega With Blue Eyesby Lexi Right
Lance McClain has wondered his whole life if anyone will be able to look past his Omega status and love him for him. When he meets two Alphas, Shiro and Keith, he feels...
The Sixth [Keith x Reader] by AshBrams
The Sixth [Keith x Reader]by AshBrams
Love story with Keith from Voltron. TW: MATURE CONTENT (chapter XXII) Characters belong to Netflix's show Voltron: The Defender of the Universe. Disclaimer: This story c...