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It's all a blur,Keith could only remember pain and screaming,and now he's trapped inside a chamber like a bird in a cage. He couldn't see too much in the dim light,but a magenta glow from the chains that cuffed his wrists. He's scared. He doesn't know what to do,he doesn't want to die.

His mind flowed through the wonderful memories he had with the team. The smiles,the laughs,the food that tastes so much better than what the Galra makes. He didn't want it to end so soon. Not yet,not when he finally made friends that actually care about his life,people who like for who he is,people that he loved. He isn't going to give that up.

He pulls the chains,using all of his energy to get away from this hellhole,he thrashes about and yells to the top of his lungs,but all that left him was bloody wrists,and a soar throat. At first it was a single drop sliding down his face then a hundreds of tears bled from his eyes. His hope no more roars to victory,it's now a meek prey,weakened by those who hunt it.

The team came back to the castle,they failed to receive the red lion,now they have the red lion and worst of all,the Galra got Keith too. The room filled with chatters of what to do next,but Lance only heard one word out of all the letters spoken in the conversations. Keith. He failed to get Keith out of that beam from hell if only he had been stronger or quicker then he would have saved him,then he would have him in his arms,showering him in kisses. Lance's heart felt like it stopped beating,his skin drained of color,and his eyes didn't glow like it used to.

The team knows Lance is the most hurt one out of all the others. Hunk tried to cheer him up with jokes and his fave space food,Pidge used her little gizmos to put a smile on his face,Allura and Coran made funny faces, and Shiro did a pep talk,but no matter what they did,Lance would never crack a smirk.

Lance always stayed in the control room where he can see the stars. The stars that remind him of Keith,the same stars that was at place when they first met and the same stars when they comforted each other. Lance felt a tears leaking from his eyes. The hot tears dripped from his chin and landed on the floor. His heart ached so much that it hurt to breathe,it hurt to live,it hurt that he was the one who let Keith get captured.

That night,no one saved Lance from him drowning in his own salty tears.

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