Don't start what you can't finish

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A man told his 5 year old son to report anyone that troubles him. A man was drinking beside his door-post when the boy with other kids mistakenly kicked the ball and break the man's glass cup, so the man spanked the boy and he ran home to do exactly what the father told him...

Immediately the father grabbed an EMPTY BOTTLE OF COKE, went to the man's house SHOUTING and BANGING the man's door CONTINUOSLY. The man opened his door slowly; Alas, the boy's father notice a 7 FOOT TALL man, HUGE with HEAVY CHEST and a flat TUMMY...

The boy's father could not help but quietly

STRECHED the EMPTY BOTTLE OF COKE towards the man and said with a very low voice "Bros no vex o, I say make I check whether you sell mineral here..."

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