Popping His Cherry by valiryn
Popping His Cherryby Valiryn Queen
⚠Warning ⚠ This is not your cliché wattpad story. Prepare for a confident curvy alpha female, An adorable geek who will make you fall in love, And lots of humour. Nigel...
  • myyouth
  • secret
  • smexy
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Of Men And Women [#1 Tales From Before Time] by EmmanuelSekyere2
Of Men And Women [#1 Tales From Emmanuel Yaw Sekyere
Woman: What are you? Man: Mind your tone. I am a man. What are you? Woman: I am a woman! Do not look at me like that. Man: Why should I not? What is that on your chest? ...
  • men
  • feminism
  • chauvinism
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It All Falls Down by goldradiance
It All Falls Downby lynda
*THE SEQUEL OF THIS BOOK IS CALLED PICKING THE PIECES BACK UP* I was alone. Nobody cared about me or what I wanted. I didn't have any friends in high school. No one wa...
  • drew
  • whitefamily
  • ghana
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Out of Focus by nerdintown
Out of Focusby ëllīot
Eldred Benson is dead. He had a gift of taking pictures in a surreal manner and didn't care that people thought it was weird. When his body is found with heroin in his s...
  • pictures
  • university
  • college
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Love Letters To The One by Khanbikeh
Love Letters To The Oneby Valerie Varkevisser
I'm not sure when I started falling in love with her. Her skin was a dark chocolate colour and her eyes were the deepest brown eyes I had ever seen. I guess that's what...
  • responsibility
  • writing
  • change
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The Saga of The African Queen (By noaofori) by noaofori
The Saga of The African Queen ( Naana Ofori-Arko
When Maame Amma is deeply affected after her best friend who she secretly has a crush on, marries her arch-nemesis , she decides to work in the palace knowing very well...
  • love
  • westafrica
  • historicalfiction
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INEVITABLE(WMBW) by its_just_princess
What can possibly happen in two month? I can meet a Prince I can go on a date with a Prince I can fall in love with a Prince I can have sex with a Prince I can be l...
  • inevitable
  • rejection
  • highschool
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Not Your Average love story [Completed] by let_alpha_write
Not Your Average love story [ Alpha Writes®
Love isn't everything. It took me twenty years of my life to learn this truth. Sad enough. Growing up, they made me believe that love was the most important aspect of l...
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  • ilovemyflaws
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GIVE ME A CHANCE  by Datblackgirl
GIVE ME A CHANCE by Ukwata Divine
Ranked #3 Ghana His reaction made me chuckle, his eyes were closed tightly. He looked like he was trying to restrain himself from doing something, I really enjoye...
  • romance
  • love
  • drama
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Life of Jade [editing] by nerdintown
Life of Jade [editing]by ëllīot
High School sucks. That's my motto for the mean time. Yeah, I have this thing where for a short period of time I have a motto for my life. My name is Jade Mensa and I li...
  • youngadult
  • love
  • ghanaianwriter
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RAMBLE by nerdintown
RAMBLEby ëllīot
inspired thoughts from an overthinking brain...
  • featured
  • poetry
  • teen
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Diary of an African child in Africa! by elilah_b
Diary of an African child in Liz Beth
The unleashed thoughts of my life as an African.
  • friends
  • black
  • diary
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A Cry to the Sea: A Modern African Love Story by RachelABirago
A Cry to the Sea: A Modern Rach.
In a society where women struggle to get to the top, finding love becomes a struggle too. In modern Ghana,Effe Asmah is a young, intelligent woman entangled in a very i...
  • heartbreak
  • comedy
  • love
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Ghanaian recipes  by KuukuaFosuaaAsomanin
Ghanaian recipes by Kuukua Fosuaa Asomaning
All started when my mum taught me how to cook ? Anyway please enjoy our delicious recipes of life ? Rankings: #13__ recipes 7/07/18-- #1 in recipes out of 125 books?TG❤?
  • cookbook
  • ashanti
  • recipes
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Funny Conversation  by PDaniels600
Funny Conversation by Daniel Peters
Wanna read something hilarious? This is the Best Book for your comic relief... Funny conversations, response to post & clap backs from all around the World. Myself like...
  • humor
  • wide
  • naija
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Tales of Legend (Season 1) by iam_legendd
Tales of Legend (Season 1)by
Legend just got into his dream college(St.Augustines College, Ghana). Things are going well until he meets Bela, a girl he falls in love with. Will his playboy nature de...
  • nigeria
  • ghana
  • legend
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White Boy Black Girl by phoebsakparibo
White Boy Black Girlby phoebsakparibo
Meet Yaa A modern Ghanaian Girl Meet Jaden A bad Brooklyn Boy when they meet......
  • america
  • ghana
  • brooklyn
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There Was A Guy by TyorWrites
There Was A Guyby Tyor
Kolapo, a young Nigerian student-entrepreneur struggles to keep his slowly failing life in one piece as he juggles school, work and his music career while trying to keep...
  • disappointment
  • love
  • romance-friendship
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BookClub 2018 [DEACTIVATED] by Africanscommunity
BookClub 2018 [DEACTIVATED]by αfяι¢αиѕ. ¢
Were back and better. Welcome African-wattpaders! Here we bring together all diversity of African writers. Also if you tend to write stories that is quite different fr...
  • book
  • club
  • africanauthors
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The Perfect Misfortune by JappaSatya
The Perfect Misfortuneby JappaSatya
Two troubles, one adventure. Two friends, one road trip. Two hearts, one love. Travel through the locales of Ghana, Africa as two lost best friends, Veera and Matteo...
  • teenagers
  • roadtrip
  • teenlove
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