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Girl: I'm warning you, my Mummy is coming

back soon..

AKPOS: But I'm not doing anything..

Girl: That's why I'm warning you, Hurry up


CASHIER: This is the 5th movie ticket you've bought tonight Sir, Why?..

AKPOS: Yes, that I.diot at the entrance keeps

tearing it


TEACHER: What's your favorite flower?..

AKPOS: Chrysanthemum.. TEACHER: Spell it..

AKPOS: I was joking o. My favorite flower is Rose , R-O-S-E


Two Girls were sitting at a club. One was ugly and the other one was beautiful. Akpos walked straight to the ugly girl.

Akpos: Hello!

Ugly girl: Hi!!

Akpos: Wanna dance?

Ugly Girl: Yes (excited)

Akpos: OK, Go and dance, I wanna talk to your friend.


Papa Akpos: My pikin (child) say you drive am commot

for school, Wetin he do?

Akpos'Teacher :- Your son is not brilliant at all, he can't even spell "LION" ...

Papa Akpos : Ah Ah...You know say na SMALL pikin......You for tell am make he spell SMALL ANIMAL like " MOSQUITO"......


Teacher: Behind every successful man there is a woman. What do we learn from this?

Akpos: We should stop wasting time on studies and find that WOMAN


Teacher: Make a Sentence with Big

Akpos: The Ram Is Big

Teacher: Make it longer

Akpos: The Ram is big ooooooo


OPERATOR: 911, wat's your emergency? AKPOS: Two girls are fighting over me.. OPERATOR: So?..

AKPOS: The ugly one is winning


Teacher: Who can state one difference between a Bird and a

Fly? ..

Akpos: A bird can fly, but a fly cannot bird.

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