( JOKES )Stories from :-) Africa

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Koranteng Joshua Yaw By Nagato Completed
Funny stories, jokes, practical jokes and messages collected by an African to preserve the dying art of story telling in our Generation.
hahaha! funny story yet related to real life secrets in many homes
this is definitely Nigerian...nice to see someone taking time to write our unappreciated stories...keep writing!!!
Can you check out my story "Making Progress?" I'm new here and support would be a great inspiration. Its got the style of Perks of Being a Wallflower thanks :)
thx but i waz born here but both my parents were born in ghana and their backround is togo and south african
Sorry if I offend you, but what is your first language? The grammar and spelling need some work, but I appreciate your effort to preserve the art of African storytelling.
I'm from south africa and i've written a comedy romance novel about LGBT and I think you all will love it