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Lies, Stop Fronting

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OmgGhana Joke of the day : Which of these Ghanaian ladies are the worst liars?!

By: Kwadwo Ofori -Mensah

YAA: waiter I like my salad very hot

EMILY: my friend -give me your pin let me call you...

MABEL: I'm so tired I just had my hair done at Shoprite

REJOICE : I want to spend my summer in

London this Christmas

CYNTHIA: I just bought a Blackberry but I

haven't collected my pin

ADJOA: when I'm flying I like to sit at the window because I open it for fresh air

AMA: I prefer London to UK during winter

AKUA orders: if you don't have meat pie,egg roll or scotch egg;give me snacks

ABENA: in our house,we used to have 3 pools until armed men came to rob us

SHEILA:can you imagine;I just bought a G-string and the thing I love most about it is the back pocket..

HAHAHHAHA... lol Leave them comments below!!

Source: kofi Ohene-Obeng/facebook

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