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The Suitor

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A beautiful and well groomed girl once informed her dad that her boyfriend would like to come see him for her hand.

On the said day, the guy arrived chewing gum!

The dad was enraged and challenged him "Isn't it a sign of disrespect?"

He fumed, "no daddy, it's just that I drank a bit," the guy replied! "So you drink also?" The father queried? "Yes when I go clubbing!" He said! "So you club also? How long have you been clubbing?"

The distraught father asked.

"Since I came out of prison," he replied quietly! "So you were once in prison?" the worried father asked.

"Why were you in prison?" He added "Since I killed someone," the guy replied

"Why did you kill someone," the father asked.

The guy said "because he didn't want me to marry his daughter".

~The father said: "You have my blessing.

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