18. consequences

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C H A P T E R - E I G H T E E N

C o n s e q u e n c e s

I definitely had a good time yesterday, celebrating my birthday with the people that I truly cared about. I've never expected that people actually cared enough to get to know me and like me as a person. I thought about that earlier today as I was now leaving the building that my business partner and I chose for our small clothing boutique.

There was a few other clothing shops around the building but I'm sure people that loves to shop in the particular area will most likely stop at our boutique and fall in love with the clothing and the bright colors. The retail space location had a great traffic, parking lot space, convenience, reputation, and similar businesses around it.

Our lawyer, Nathan Daniels was a huge help in picking our final decision, giving us expertise, more luck and better advice that we needed.

We had to meet with engineers today for electricity and air conditioning, and also the contractors for constructing a few things in the building.

"This place is officially ours," Zakia walked out of our store. "I'm so ready to add in the ideas that we both have."

I agreed, since it's been a long process of doing paperwork, and getting everything set before finally working on the inside of our business. I had Katrina's car this time around since Kobe took her out on a morning date.

"I'll see you tomorrow, girly."

She waved as she got inside of her car, while I hopped in Katrina's, buckling up before turning the ignition on, and hearing my phone ring. I picked it up, seeing that it was Katrina that seemed strange because she was supposed to be on a date.

I answered the phone the first ring, "Hello?"

"I don't want you stressing out on the road but please come home, it's urgent!" Katrina yelled. "I'm about to be in jail!"

I wanted to ask all kinds of questions but she hung up the phone, making me anxious about what could honestly be wrong and the reason why she was home so soon.

I let out a deep breath, turning on the radio to calm my bad nerves and turning in the direction of the house. That's one other thing that I liked about the retail location, it was twenty minutes away from home. I sung along to Sammie's channel on pandora as it played Let it Ride, keeping me at ease.

The moment I pulled up into the neighborhood, going straight down towards our house and parked in front of the yard, there stood Katrina, Kobe and Johnathon on the porch with angry face expressions.

"What's going on?" I stepped out of the car, grabbing my portfolio filled with designs and rushed over to them. "What happened? Somebody tell me something."

"Let's go in the house first." Kobe stated, opening the door for all of us. "I don't want none of these people in our business."

"So guess who called themselves popping up to our house.." Katrina snapped. "I'm so mad because Johnathon here by himself and they threatened him, like are they crazy? Like do they know that I'll go to jail for anyone of y'all? The nerve of them to pull up to my house with my baby brother, by himself!"

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