13. breakthrough

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A little over two hours and ten minutes ago, I was dropped off at Deion's home recording studio, RichmondWorth that was in the backyard of his house. It was later in the day, but I was happy to be around him because both of our schedules were full and we had to spend our time together this way.

"How long have you been in here?" I asked him, as we sat in the studio chairs, eating spaghetti that I brought from the house. "I think you probably stay here everyday."

"Yeah, I have been in here all day." He rubbed his forehead, sitting the fork down inside of the plastic bowl. "I've been trying to finish this EP that I'm supposed to be dropping but it's been hard since I've been helping other artists with their music that they're dropping."

"I hope you're not overworking yourself, take some time off and relax your mind babe." I advised, stretching my legs in front of me.

He lifted my hand up to his lips, giving it a kiss. "I'm not overworking doll, but I'm actually doing something that I love to do so I'm not even complaining about making more music.. you know I have a lot of unreleased music that I've never dropped yet?"


"I like that you're telling me this but I hope you're not stressing yourself out." He smirked, standing up from the chair and extending his hand out for me to hold. "I want to play you something.."

I placed my hands in his, as I stood up and followed him out of the recording studio into the room filled with instruments and he entwined our hands before taking a seat on the piano chair.

I stood across from him, watching as he began to create a soft, and mellow sound on the piano that changed into a smooth and peaceful melody. His eyes sparkled, the more he moved his fingers with grace, and passion against the keys.


As he opened his mouth to sing, I felt myself becoming hypnotized and felt my eyes shimmering with tears. His voice was extremely beautiful, as I would describe it as soulful, strong, charismatic and anointed. Between his voice and his piano playing skills, I couldn't control the tears that were falling down my face.

I loved it until it stopped.

"You never told me that you could sing like that!" I exclaimed, clapping my hands while the tears just continued flowing. "I loved it, I could really tell that you're passionate about your music, is that why you're holding back from dropping your EP?"

"Kind of, I love writing other artists songs and I tend to critique my own lyrics.." He answered, getting up and looming closer towards me. "Why you crying baby doll?"

He wiped my tears, kissing my forehead.

"You're really talented!"

"Thank you." He grinned, as his dimples appeared. "How have you been with all the stuff you've been doing for the new business?"

"I'm happy about starting something that I've been wanting to do since in school but I didn't expect it to have so many steps." I told him. "I also met up with a new modeling agency so I'm hoping to see where it goes.."

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