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C h a p t e r T e n

                    ↠ L o v e y o u r z

It felt like the hottest day of the summer season, as the sun was scorching outside. I was glad that I didn't wear any jeans today as my orange off-the- shoulder romper felt just right for the summer heat. On the way to the basketball game, the car ride seemed silent as the music playing on the radio was the only thing you heard.

The silence left me thinking about today's chronicles, as I couldn't believe that it was far from over.

"What is the best pair of shoes you have ever owned?" I randomly questioned, staring at shoes on my phone.

"I'd say the best shoes I own, would definitely be.." Katrina pressed her fingers to her lips. "All the puma suede platform shoes."

"I was thinking..." My eyes sparkled. "Whenever Zakia and I start working on the boutique, if I should make my own kind of shoes but I'm not sure people will like a shoe that doesn't have a strong brand behind it."

Katrina brows snapped together. "I think you should focus on starting the boutique first, then let your ideas flow through."

"You're right," I grinned. "I just keep getting all of these ideas in my mind."

"Of course, you're a very creative and ambitious person." Katrina pulled up into the parking lot. "I know that you'll be very successful in whatever you do, also give me a month to start having you booked and busy.."

She found herself a good parking spot in the middle, then turned the ignition off and opened up her door.

I stepped out of the car, hearing my sandals hit the pavement and grabbed my clutch, making sure everything was still in there before shutting the door. My eyes scanned my sister's outfit that was really cute and casual.

She wore a burgundy spaghetti strap crop top, a light denim blue high waisted skirt, burgundy strappy sandals, gold fanny pack, gold jewelry: bamboo earrings, necklace, and bracelet and on top of her head was her shades, as her long hair was pulled up into a twisted ninja bun. She had on natural makeup and a nude lipstick that pulled the look together.

"Do we have to pay to enter the game?" I wondered, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear. "I made sure to bring my wallet in case we do."

Katrina grabbed the shades off of her head, then placed it on and gave me a half shrug. "We'll have to ask Kobe."

I was surprised that he didn't beat us here considering he drove entirely too fast. Just in time, he pulled up into the parking lot, blaring music and was swerving all over in his car without any care in the world.

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