26. work hard, grind harder

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C H A P T E R – T W E N T Y – S I X

w o r k h a r d & g r i n d h a r d e r

One Week Later
October 2, 2016

Laddie Edition was now officially trademarked as our boutique, while we named our clothing lines, Obsessionally Styles and LoveKimberely, which was weird for me. Zakia and Katrina insisted I choose that name, because of all the hardworking I was doing. I simply went with it.

As for the meeting, I definitely got my yes. Now people were willing to work with us, and they all were investing to help us. A few donations were giving from a lot of people, which I appreciated so much.

For now, Zakia and I were discussing with the makers on our rearranging. I already picked out things to put in the boutique so that part would be completely easy but also fun.

"What day is your grand opening?" One of the makers asked.

"In seven months, I believe." I told him, and he nodded then looked around the room.

"We could get it done quickly, so you want to expand a wider dressing room, and a get a smaller room?" He asked to make sure.

I nodded, and he smiled heading over to get started on it.

It was going to be a tough two weeks but I knew we were going to be able to handle it. It was crazy to me because Zakia trusted in me to become her business partner. This in fact, brought us closer together than I thought it would be.

"How many donations we have so far?" I asked her, as we watched the workers mark on parts that they were going to rearranged. Only two things were changing because of our six thousand dollar budget.

"Five, from people that were at our meeting and you know what's crazy," She said after, making me curious about what she meant by crazy. "Someone donated and he seemed not to think our business will expand, he was one of the big offers which is $10 million."

"Ten million?" I laughed in shock.

"Yes, I found it surprising.." She said, laughing too.

It was a deep surprise, but I was surely grateful for it.

I turned facing our employees which were for Group A) Tiara, Simone, Jordyn, Cierra and Lora while Group B) had Nola, Elaine, Keira, Alana, and Brooklyn. Group A was the girls from Zakia's group, her workers in the front while Group B was my group of girls in the back as the designers.

"We've brought you here to let you know how everything you will be in this kind of store." Zakia started off first saying. "It's a boutique ran by both Kimberley and myself. Kimberley will handle mostly her girls in the back while I do the front then we switch it up."

I nodded in agreement.

"This day is for all of us to get to know each other, and become more comfortable with one another. I know that we will have a great year!" I tell everyone.

"Yes, so let's go into the waiting room." Zakia said, walking ahead of us as we followed her into the room what was going to be our meeting room. There was nothing in the room besides a table and chairs which was where the interviews were taken place.

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