30. grand opening

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▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔C H A P T E R – T H I R T Y

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C H A P T E R – T H I R T Y

G r a n d - O p e n i n g

Four Months Later

Even after all the downfalls of people trying to try to destroy our business, I was still humble that we were officially having our grand opening, in only a couple months. It was a hard and long process but I couldn't imagine doing this without my partner, Zakia. Through the obstacles we've faced, it only made us stronger. Our social media account continually grew everyday, as we were getting shoutouts from everywhere, radio stations, big people in the industry and blogs.

Laddie Edition Boutique was the complete movement, and the talk of the town. By asking to get our name trademarked to Laddie Edition, continuing our label as Obsessionally Styles, we were officially set! I was still dreaming as I sat in the chair, in the dressing room because I most definitely had to look right for the grand opening. As Victoria slayed my makeup, and Katrina did my hair, I was feeling like a bad gal. Also, getting the clothes I designed for some of my friends and family to show off, was a bittersweet feeling.

Katrina wore from Obsessionally Styles Collection, was a silky pink crepe bodycon dress made by yours truly, as I wore a pink silky crepe skirt, and a bustier bra. As Daphne herself styled us all, Zakia wore a black lace playsuit done by yours truly, paired with some beautiful heels as her makeup and hair was bomb. It was so nice to have them wear the clothes I created, with the help of my new fashion artists,  Lenora and Jayda, they helped create a few pieces that were going to be shown tonight.

My boyfriend, and the love of my life, was so supportive with everything. He formed a clothing line in with me, for males labeled, Just Deion and he was of course wearing clothes from his line. The fact we were business partners was completely amazing, and risky but we've come so far together.

Deion, along with Kobe and Johnathon were the models along with a few other guys for the male line. While I had a few models for the ladies' line. Together we were making money. My future sister in law, Victoria was my makeup artist who was also doing her business with the help of Katrina, next summer.

"Open your eyes," Victoria instructed, adding highlight to my face. My eyes fluttered open and I eye myself in the mirror, as I smiled.

"What will I do without you, Tori?" I asked her, as she laughed closing up her stuff. Katrina turned in the chair and faced me, flipping her hair, the only way Katrina can and gave me a fierce smirk, as I admired the rock on her hand.

Kobe proposed to her, and completely surprised her, getting blessings from both Johnathon and myself. They've been rocking for three years, and I'm so happy for them. Through everything they've been through, I just know that their love is really real.

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