12. more problems

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C h a p t e r T w e l v e

m o r e p r o b l e m s

The hard part was over or not! We were finished with the paperwork as it was almost time to put up the funds and I could already feel the work that'll take most of the day. I know that we had to find a location, buy equipment, find a team, hire workers, and much more. I just couldn't wait to see Laddie Edition running and functioning.

"Well Kimberley you're free to go," Zakia said, as we were back in the building. "I'll make sure to contact you when it's time to find locations with the real estate agents."

I heard my phone ringing just in time, it was my sister and I instantly answered the phone, placing it on my ear. "Hello?"

"I'm here." Katrina responded. "I also have to let you know something.."

"Okay, I'll be out." I told her, hanging up the phone then I hugged Zakia. "I'll see you soon partner, just text or call me if you found any new information."

"I will, see you soon." Zakia replied.

I left the lobby and exited out of the building, seeing Katrina's BMV running in front of the building, so I quickly opened the passenger's door and entered the ca before putting on my seatbelt.

I wondered what she had to let me know, it made me anxious.

"You want the good news or bad news first?" She asked, glancing at me.

"Bad news I guess." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well your interview that you had with Tanya 101 is on YouTube and I don't know how it's making numbers," She said. "So whoever they working with is working.. but most of the comments aren't bad, lots of people are stating that you're pretty, shy, and also people noticed how uncomfortable you were with most questions, and you know there was a few comments that they were scammed by UDA?"

I sighed, picking up my cellphone and clicking the YouTube app before typing in Tanya 101 as it popped up with the latest video featuring Unique Diamonds Agency's newest upcoming model, Kimberley B. Jones talks Lovelace her sister's stripper past and I was shocked seeing that it currently was at 9K views.

"They really added you in there!" I gasped in disbelief. "This is really disrespectful after all that they've done to you, which was their fault, they still chose to add you in it? Wow, what could possibly be the good news?"

"I got off of the phone with the owner of an actual modeling agency and she's scheduled you a meeting today to get to know you a little more," Katrina answered. "I'm not phased by them adding me in the YouTube video, I'm flattered actually because I'll make them pay for all of the stuff they did to you, but we won't tell them anything, no heads up just slap a lawsuit on them.."

"That's so stupid, especially using your past to gain more views, it's unacceptable, unnecessary, disrespectful and pathetic!" I snapped, grabbing my phone as it showed me that I had new text messages and of course it was Jerrold.

Jerrold: heard that interview huh? Pay up!!! $150 and that's not including the pictures!

"I can't believe this mess," I scowled. "He's harassing me now Katrina."

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