4. making moves

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C h a p t e r - F o u r

M a k i n g M o v e s

      My stomach was filled with butterflies at the moment, as I decided to listen to everyone about moving forward with going to this job interview for Kobe's cousin, Zakia. I changed like ten times before my last decision was putting on a cute black cut off dress, a nice choker, matching clutch and burgundy heels.

My hair was styled in loose curls, as Katrina did my makeup and had looking cute for the interview. Even though, I looked good I was still nervous as I kept pacing the floor, overthinking myself, knowing that I was annoying Katrina so much.

"Girl, if you don't sit down!" She ordered, "You're making me nervous and I'm not even going to this interview.. just keep calm, you'll get it but stop moving before I smack you!"

"I'm sorry," I apologized. "I don't know why I'm so nervous, this isn't even my first job interview."

"It's going to work out," Deion pulled me into his lap, before holding my closely and giving me words of encouragement. "If it doesn't ol' well you'll have a million more chances, because why? You're talented baby girl."

I nodded, taking his words in consideration as someone knocked on the door making me jump up as Katrina stood up making a face at me before getting the door. Once she opened it, Kobe entered the room and she immediately jumped on him.

I was still confused by their relationship, it was very dysfunctional, confusing, but also they were cute and you could tell they loved one another. As they shared a few kisses, he placed her down and he headed towards us with a smirk on his face.

"What's up bro?" He dapped up Deion, then spoke to me. "Hey Kim!"

I waved at him, as he took a seat next to Katrina on the long sofa.

"You got my sister in here nervous for what Kobe?" Katrina glanced at me.

He chuckled, looking at me. "Why you nervous? My cousin ain't nobody special.."

"I don't know." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well you're ready?" He questioned, getting up from his spot. "I'm sure she's interviewing other people right now."

I nodded, getting up off of Deion's lap and grabbed my portfolio off of the counter along with my resume and clutch.

"Wish me luck sis!" I told Katrina.

"You definitely don't need it sis," She replied, giving me a hug. "But good luck and if you don't get this job, we're going to start our own business together!"

"I love you sis!" I laughed as I turned towards Kobe. "Okay, I'm ready."

Kobe nodded his head, giving Katrina a few kisses as I followed him out of the door with Deion following behind us. I kept thinking of everything that could possibly go wrong and I sighed once I got the Kobe's Ferrari.

Deion made sure to hold the door open for me, while I thanked him as I took a seat in the backseat while they were in the front. While I thought, Kobe had music blaring from his Aux Cord.

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