24. try again

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C H A P T E R – T W E N T Y – F O U R

T r y - A g a i n

The Next Day

         I didn't know that I needed to have a break to feel better after stressing out so much but now I was back to working. Today was the day that we were finally getting our website done, buying the materials needed for the boutique, fabric and interviewing people to work with us. At the moment, I was heading to the boutique to interview potential people for the jobs.

I looked down at the outfit that I was wearing, making sure I looked like a boss. I wore a solid yellow high-low lapel skin blazer, white turtleneck sweater underneath, high waist fly button yellow denim jeans, and white ankle strap heels. My hair was in a bun but hairs were flowing as my ears carried bamboo hoop earrings. My makeup was flawlessly done by Katrina.

I pulled my cellphone out of my purse, looking towards Katrina who drove us to the place and dialed my mentor's phone number.

"Hello?" She answered the phone. "Hi, Kimberley, how you've been?"

"Hi, I'm feeling much better," I trailed off. "I'm calling you to ask you for a favor.."

Chenille replied. "Anything for you."

"Great, will you be able to make it to the boutique to help me out with my business partner on hiring potential workers?"

"That's not a problem, I'll be there." She confirmed. "Let me know the time."

"It'll be happening in a hour or two but I'll text you the real details when I get there."

"Awesome, see you soon!" She stated.

I hung up the phone, picking my head up as we were now in front of the building. There was a Chevrolet car in front, that belonged to Zakia. Another vehicle that had to be Daphne's while Katrina parked her BMV near the front and hopped out, smoothing her skirt.

I smiled, stepping out of the car, shutting the door behind me and sauntered over to the front door, placing a soft knock on it.

Zakia opened the door, greeting us with a hug before letting us enter the place and we headed towards the long table that held a few chairs behind it.

"Hey Daphne!" I waved at her, since she was in the chair farthest from me. "You look good."

"You too Kim." She complimented.

I placed my purse on the oak woodened table, gathering the paperwork to file our for the interview then waited for Katrina and Zakia to sit down before preparing my appreciation and questions.

"I really want to thank y'all for coming," I said. "For taking the time out of busy schedules to do this for us, I really appreciate it – Do y'all think we're going to accomplish all that we've been looking for?"

"That's not a problem helping you both," Daphne conferred. "I love supporting all my black queens businesses."

"I think you'll gain a lot of people today." Katrina noted. "I'm always here to help y'all!"

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