9. problems

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C h a p t e r N i n e

  p r o b l e m s

      The weird interview ended with 'Tanya 101' which made me second guess a lot of things happening in the Agency. I decided to hold off on it before questioning Katrina on what she thought of everything so far. She was on the sofa typing away on her cellphone, as loomed closer to her. "I really have to ask you something about this age–."

Jennifer strolled over us, holding her lips pursed. "Hi, Kimberley you're interview was great!"

"Thank you."

Jennifer she turned towards Katrina, then she smacked her forehead. "I'm sorry, I tend to forget your name.. Katniss, Kathrine? I seem to have a bad memory.."

"It's Katrina," Katrina's eyes darted, before she crossed her legs. "You knew that already though, Delight."

"I'm not understanding the unnecessary shade," Jennifer crossed her ankles in front of her. "Katniss, I have no issues with you. You seem to have one with me, I'm only being cordial."

"My name is Katrina again." Katrina corrected her. "I'm not the person throwing shade, it seems like you are. I've only been respectful and minded my business the entire time. I'll apologize for bringing up the past because that's very unlike me."

Katrina appeared calm on the outside, as she stared at Jennifer with a smile.

"I've noticed you speak so highly of yourself.." Jennifer prolonged, inspected her fingernails,
"As if being a stripper was the highlight of your life.. I'm sure there's more to you sis. We both know how you got yourself in there and why you're where you are now."

I was so confused as to why she was being disrespectful towards Katrina. I know they've known each other in the past but why did she choose now to be shady? I didn't understand it.

"I'd rather to be respectful by not discussing your business with everyone," Katrina jumped up, her hands remained at her sides. "I'm not embarrassed by my past because it made me who I am today, successful and filled with knowledge of the business industry - it's a lesson learned experience that I'll never forget, but if I were to be bothered, I'll respectfully slap you and you know exactly how I am with fighting, sis."

Jennifer tilted her head, as if she dared Katrina. "Oh trust me honey, you won't lay a hand on me because I wasn't scared of you then or even now." 

I stood in between the two, confused as ever. "Uh...no we're not having this!"

"I'm not taking you serious at all," Katrina cackled. "Stop it, I haven't done anything to you back then."

"You know exactly what she did, stop playing the victim all the time Lovelace!" Jennifer yelled. "You've been around the whole city of Atlanta, please stop it!"

"Here comes the real Jennifer," Katrina clapped her hands. "You're lying because I've only had three bodies my entire life, stop counting your own sis. And you should've never listened to your lying, dumb, stupid, weird, goofy looking boyfriend – I don't or would ever mess with people's mans that's something I'll never do ma'am, you can honestly ask the other strippers we've worked with."

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