29. southside princess

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C H A P T E R - T W E N T Y - N I N E

s o u t h s i d e p r i n c e s s

Sewing machines were heard all over the building, and it was such a chill atmosphere. I sat at a desk with a sewing machine and other utensils to get my work from my sketchbook to come alive. It felt so good to start sewing again, and I was in a peaceful mindset. My set of girls were working on their pieces also as was Zakia talking to her girls about the retail part.

As I sewed, I thought of the first play-sewing machine I had and remember the sketchbook I had as a younger child. At the age of six is when I grew to love clothes and that never changed.

"Okay, y'all I've just started back working out to get myself back in shape, tell me why I was out of breath and couldn't do a simple five minute workout." Brooklyn blurted randomly, causing everyone to laugh. It was a nice way to get from the silence.

"I feel you girl, it's not no joke. Especially code muscles exercise, been trying to lose the gut forever." Nima added in, as I watched her with a smile. Nima was a newer girl who I found on the internet, in the DMs on instagram. After checking out her page, I immediately scheduled a interview, liked her vibe and hired her.

"You nowhere near having a gut, but I know, I do sit-ups and it takes the life out of me to do at least ten of those things." Nola agreed, holding up a needle and examining it before tying the string around the needle.

"Well it's not a big gut, but it's very noticeable to me because I use to dance all the time, and once I stopped a few years ago, that's when I noticed a certain change in that." Nima explained to us, as I nodded finally understanding her.

"I could eat everything and still will not gain weight." I told them, as I fixed my needle. For now I was working on designing a dress. The dress was going to made as a body-con type of dress. The fabric of the dress was going to be silky and smooth. The dress had the color of pink crepe and I thought of creating a skirt the same color.

"Ms. Kimberley," Alana called for me, making me turn my head and give her a look. "Can you check out this for me? I have the idea going but I don't know what fabric I should use."

I got up from my desk, over to hers and looked at her work display. There was different kinds of stuff on top of the desk, and her sewing machine set directly in the middle of the table. By the time I got there, she held up her piece in her hands and handed it to me.

The piece she made was a halter top, which had a more deeper pink color than the one I had for my dress and skirt. It was really cute, as I examined it.

"I like it, the fabric is also nice how it is but make sure your stitching is directly on that part, and centered correctly." I offered her advice, pointing to particular spots which made her smile and nod her head as I handed it back to her.

"Thank you, Ms. Kimberley." She replied, and I laughed lightly walking over to see what the other girls were working on.

Elaine was working on a jeans set, which looked pretty good. Brooklyn was creating a pink outfit that she showed me recently, and I must admit her work ethic was really nice. Nola was creating tops full of flower designs. I must say that our team is doing well together.

"Everyone's designs are coming along, so clap for yourself." I started the clapping, which led the others to follow. "For being so creative, I just want to let everyone know that I greatly appreciate you all and I know that this team will be successful in the future."

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