20. promote, promote, promote

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C H A P T E R - T W E N T Y

p . r . o . m . o . t . e


        The trademark was finalized, and the name Obsessionally Styles was officially ours. By the name change, we started ourselves a new account page on Instagram that we had to shoutout on our actual pages, which led us to receiving 9.7K on our new page. The page was empty, until we had to shoot for our promotion company t-shirts.

To help us more with the promoting, Katrina scheduled us a a radio interview with a great radio station! When I heard that I almost felt like passing out, but I kept my cool once I later found out, the interview was going to be today.

Zakia and I were patiently waiting in the room, until it was time for them to call us. I felt so nervous and excited to be in a environment where they helped people.

"Send then in." A person said.

I had to give myself a pep talk before getting up from the cushioned chair and into the place that the interviews were held. Zakia sat down in the vintage rolling chair, appearing relaxed on the outside as I was on the urge of having a panic attack but I closed my eyes, breathing in slowly in and out, feeling much better.

"Today's guest, we have two beautiful and upcoming businesswomen, Kimberley Jones and Zakia Perry of Obsessionally Styles, a brand new clothing line they've created together for ladies, and younger girls, as well." The interviewer greeted into the microphone, giving us a friendly smile and introduction. "Welcome, it's a pleasure to have you both on this program!"

"Thank You! I'm very happy to be here to promote our business." I uttered into the microphone.

"First of all, why the choice of the name?"

I looked at Zakia, as I gave her the cue to let her go on. "We thought of the name Obsessionally, well it all started with Kimberley."

"Yeah, I went on a run to clear my head and came back home with the idea of using Obsession as the best name choice," I explained. "I immediately called up Zakia about it, who thought of making it look presentable as Obsessionally Styles."

The interviewer nodded, looking into our story as she began to ask another question. "When people think of Obsessed they think of it as an offensive, dangerous and stalking, why was Obsessionally a perfect name choice?"

"For starters, were using Obsessionally in a positive way," Zakia confidently answered the question. "We're using Obsessionally Styles as a fun, creative, unique way to describe our personality, skills and talents into the business industry."

The interviewer nodded, as she was definitely on a roll with her form of questions.

"Well.. I've noticed that Obsessionally Styles is open to all women but not men why is that?" She queried. "I'm sure a lot of men would love to wear clothing to help support the business."

"For now since I'm the only designer at the moment, I've been working on creating womenswear that'll have the best material, fabric and style.." I crossed my ankles in front of me, giving the interviewer a smile. "Our main focuses is directed towards all women but men are welcomed to purchasing our merchandise, that's coming really soon, all sizes."

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