27. the proposal

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C H A P T E R - T W E N T Y - S E V E N

t h e p r o p o s a l

    Today was tiring from the hiring process, the meeting, helping Kobe out with finding a ring and also getting more things for the clothing boutique. Once Zakia dropped both Jonathan and myself, I walked into the house sliding on the floor all dramatically as Katrina came downstairs laughing at me.

"Had a long day?" She asked, and I nodded sitting up. She walked over to the couch as Johnathon went straight into the kitchen, to get some food. "I had a few appointments with my clients, some people even asked for me to manage them."

"I'm sorry about not getting you anything, I was looking for things to put into the shop." I apologized, giving her a half smile. "But I'm so happy that you're taking being a manager serious, you're definitely have great management skills."

"First, I have to get you right with your career." She smiled, as Johnathon plumped onto the couch, across from us as he ate a cookie that had to be cold, by growing up that's how he enjoyed them as I guess some things will never change. "Jonathan, you was at the mall too?"

"Yeah, Victoria and I went looking around then we ended up meeting with Kimberley and Zakia," He lied smoothly.

"Katrina, did I tell you about people donating money?" I asked her and she shook her head no. I wanted to tell her and switch the topic from off of the mall and on to that. "Even this man who laughed about us, decided to offer ten million."

"Woah, ain't that a blessing." Katrina said, shaking her head. She played in her hair as I knew she was thinking of Kobe. "Kobe hasn't been even coming around much like he used to, and I just don't want to see him with someone else..." She started to break down into tears making my heart hurt, and looking at Johnathon he felt the same way.

"I don't think he'll do that, Kat." I said getting up to console her. She was so sad nowadays than her usual confident self. "He's probably working more."

"How? He's his own boss," She sobbed, laying her head on my legs with her hair covering her.

I looked at Johnathon who didn't know what to do. My phone started to vibrate and as Katrina continues to sob, I picked it up from my purse and looked at a text message from Kobe.

Kobe: I'm calling Katrina, where she at?

I looked down at her on my lap, and smiled small before texting him.

Me: She's crying! Like broke down and everything, you need to take care of this.

Kobe: I don't know why, I'll be there in a few.

I placed my phone into my purse, as Katrina rose up wiping her face. Was this how relationships were?

Twenty minutes later, Kobe entered the house and Katrina rolled her eyes once she saw him. She was on her way upstairs, as I looked at him then at Jonathan, wondering what his next move was.

"So no love?" Kobe held his arm opened wide, expecting a hug but she ran up the stairs making me confused. I was about to follow her but he stopped me from going anywhere. "I'm about to see what's wrong with her."

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