19. humble

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C H A P T E R - N I N E T E E N


I went home feeling relieved and relaxed with all of the help of my boyfriend who motivated and inspired me in more ways than ever. He didn't know how much I really needed, appreciated and loved him for being there for me. The passionate kiss we shared together lingered, causing my heart, mind and soul to flutter with love, hope and happiness.

I really loved him as scary it was to feel a emotion so strong – it was truly a deep experience to have especially with a person that shares the same powerful affection as you do. I knew that I've became attached, as I hated being away from him.

Dreading those thoughts out of my mind, I got started on my designs that I had ideas for and turned it into something better. My cellphone ringing caused my mind to get off track a little before grabbing my cellphone, and staring at the number as it was my new business mentor Chenille Brooks.

"Hi, Chenille!"

"Hey Kimberley," She responded in a soft tone. "How's your designs been coming along? I have a list of marketing habits that'll help you get with your business."

"Oh, thank you." I beamed. "Please send it to me but as for my designs, I'm currently redoing the ideas that I've already created but adding a different touch."

"I will," She confirmed. "I'll send it to your email, and that's great. How's it looking for putting out merch?"

"I'm still creating."

"Awesome, I'll talk to you tomorrow." She asserted. "The list is sent inside of your email, darling."

We hung up the phone as I stared at the market list in my email, that was supposed to help our business grow and noticed it went all the way down to one hundred tips yet I chose the best five.

1. Start fresh ideas everyday.
2. Create a Business Website.
3. Create Social Media Platforms.
4. Get and use business cards.
5. Start on selling merchandise.

I plugged my cellphone in the charger, getting the laptop and going to the website to start working on the product merchandise. I browsed through the make a shirt website, choosing to customize both a black and white tee. First, I left the original version of the shirt and picked the Takhie font before typing LADDIE EDITION Boutique and tapped my chin in deep thought before zooming it in to fit my liking.

It looked way to plain to only have that on the shirt so I pressed font online. My next decision was deciding if I should use a crown or heart symbol. I now knew that I needed another person's opinion. Saving the customized shirt, I grabbed my cellphone and dialed Zakia's phone number while patiently waiting for her to pick up.

"Hey Kimberley," She answered. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," I replied. "I'm currently working on the merchandise and I was wondering what you thought of it."

"Send it to me, and I'll let you know." She said.

I sent the picture of the customized tee to her cellphone, watching it as it says delivered.

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