Chapter 23

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I suppose I wasn't the only one with a surprise. My mom and Levi's mom decided instead of going to the Hattisburg country club thirty minutes away from home, they'd pick somewhere a little closer to the fields for the reception. We ended up having a beautiful large white tent at the town park near the lake and bridge in the town center.

I am truely impressed with how it's decorated. The centerpieces are tan colored woven bowls with baseballs and cut off red and white roses arrangments. The tables were ballpark tables, clear pine wood, and had dark blue table covering, sort of matching the color of a umpires uniform. Then the dance floor was in the shape of home base and was on top of the grass of the park. I was in love with it all. I knew that everything they put into both my wedding ceremony and reception wasn't only our families but also Levi.

When everyone arrived along with me, Levi and our bridal party, that's when the party really began. Everyone sat and ate their food and Levi and I cut our cake. I even put some in his face which he took gracefully. He didn't even push my piece into my face, he did put some of the icing on my nose though. We couldn't stop laughing so when we were all sitting down again and the mic turned on causing static, everyone turned as Noah and Austin walked to the middle of the dance floor just beyond the table with our half eaten wedding cake.

"So, normally Austin and I'd do our best men toast or speech at the dinner rehersal the day before but since my baby brother Levi is this big time pro ball player and his lady wanted the venue to be a surprise for him from her, without a wedding rehearsal their was no point to havin' a dinner rehersal," he said smirking, "and I won't lie, I was a little disappointed because I was so lookin' forward to all the booze that would've been there."

We all laughed and I shook my head at Noah as he continued to speak. "Well, I'll start first. Levi just two years ago you were in my position speaking at mine and Shania's wedding talking about how we inspired you to never lose hope in long lastin' love. I knew at the time you weren't only referring to me and her though, you were referring to your beautiful bride sittin' up there next to you. You and I are only what, four years apart, and you've found love with your best friend. You not only had to woo the woman but you had to keep her too. I have to say you did a damn good job because not only his she your wife now but she's carryin' your baby too. When I look at you both I see a strong bond, I see a friendship, I see love, hell, I see a lot of good things, a lot of which young couples like Austin and Nicole can look up to. I love you, Levi and Brielle you know I love you too, welcome to the family, girl."

Everyone laughed, clapping, Levi and I stood to hug him as he came to the table. "Thanks, Noah," I said softly into his ear.

"You're very welcome. If not for you and Levi, I don't even know if Shania and I would be together right now," he whispered back still embracing me.

When we pulled back I smiled at him. "You would've, we just helped push you back together," I said softly and he smiled going back to take his seat next to Shania.

Austin cleared his throat and I smiled softly. "So, I have a few words, definitely won't be as cool as Noah's since he's always been good at speaking but, I hope are just as awesome. Uh, Brielle I've known you since I was four. You're one of the most thoughtful people I know. A lot of times when you do things you do it so that it doesn't ever negatively affect those around you. Levi on the other hand ever since we were little was always getting into trouble. He always got me into trouble. I remember one time we had this blow up pool in our backyard, when we still lived on Main Street, mama had just bought it, but he thought it'd be so much fun to create a makeshift diving board out of my battery operated truck and a wood piece from the shed. He knew where everything was.

He got the wood and I drove out my truck. He broke the front window out so we could put the wood all the way through. He told me to go first when it was his idea. Me being the dumb four year old thought it would be a fun way I could prove to my brothers I was just as strong as them. Dumb idea," he mumbled shaking his head and we all laughed. "I took one jump and slipped off. I hit my head off the end of the board and slipped into the tiny pool. It wasn't deep so it wasn't like I could drown but I guess what I am trying to say is though he blamed the entire thing on me and though I had to get stitches, you balance him out. I think in many ways you influenced him and he influenced you. Levi, I love you, you and Noah are my best friends. I can always count on you two to be there when I need advice on girls or to help calm me down when I'm mad or just be there to hang out when I am bored. I want to tell you both that you've influenced me. You've made me realize that it's possible to find love at a young age and that no one can say it isn't love because only you know if it is or not. I know that when you know you just know. I can honestly say that growing up with you both has influenced me positively in so many ways. I know you guys are goin' to last forever because you guys' love is true, I and everyone at this reception can see it. I love you both and congratulations."

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