Chapter 19

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Before I knew it, April had rolled around and Levi was back home as the 2013 season was underway. I'd been helping to put the finishing touches the wedding as well as finishing up my vows. I'd been more and more excited about the wedding the closer it came to the date, or maybe it was nerves. I'm not entirely sure.

My plans for school were in order, as far as the wedding was concerned the only thing left was for Levi and I to book our flight back home to Mississippi. 

Levi's schedule for the season was going to be tight and I knew that, but whatever problems arose we'd find a way around it. We always do.

I looked at myself in the mirror in our bedroom, making sure the little bit of make up I put on was good enough. I don't really know how to apply it that well, I didn't wear anything but mascara in high school and since college I've slowly tried to learn how to apply it well. I adjusted the teal mariners jersey that I'd tucked into my dark distressed, unbuttoned cut off jean shorts but the task of buttoning up the shorts was a struggle. I finally was able to get it buttoned by sucking in but as soon as I let go of the air I was sucking in, it felt as if the button was sticking into my stomach.

I furrowed my brows turning to look at myself in the mirror sideways. Untucking the jersey and unbuttoning the shorts I felt my stomach and there was a little bulge. Dammit. I can't be gaining weight two months before my wedding. I'll never fit in my dress. The first time I fit like a glove, there is no way that I'll fit with a fat bulge. I sighed rolling my eyes as my shoulder sagged. I rebuttoned and retucked the jersey with Levi's number 9 and Miller at the back pulling my hair up into a tiny messy bun then slipped on my thin white head band and my white converses before I grabbed my purse, phone and the keys to the Audi then dashed out to get to the field. 

When I pulled up some of the fans were already milling into the stadium. I went around to the back  entrance that the players, media, wives and girlfriends entered the stadium. When I got inside, Rochelle and Megan were already waiting along with most of the other ladies and, they brought their kiddos with them. I walked straight toward them smiling before they hugged me tightly. Megan had to half hug me because she had her son on her side and Rochelle also had her baby girl in her arms and only let go of her son's hand briefly to hug me. When Rochelle, who'd hugged me last, let go she furrowed her brows before glancing at Megan. 

"Gained a bit of weight, girlfriend?" She asked cocking her head at me.

"I guess," I replied shrugging, "but I don't know why. I haven't eaten anymore than normal."

"Have you felt nausia at all?" Megan asked softly. I cocked my head at her odd question. 

"No, not at all...why?"

They both shook their heads. "No reason baby girl," Rochelle answered. "I am going to go to my seat with these two. I'll see you both after the game."

I rose an eyebrow. "Wait, are you not sitting upstairs with us?"

She smirked shaking her head. "Not at all, I haven't sat up there since Tony's rookie season. I'd much rather be down on the field line in the stands watching my hubby."

"Yeah and this little tyke normally gets tired by the fifth inning," Megan said bouncing her son lightly making him laugh. I smiled before leaning forward and tickling his stomach.

"Okay," I said smiling at Rochelle, "We'll see you after the game but, it most definitely won't be the same without you there, Rochelle."

She grinned before shrugging. "Oh, I know, honey." I laughed as she walked down the hall with her daughter tucking into her side and her son's hand in hers.

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