Chapter 22

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As my daddy led me down the aisle, he kept rubbing my arm, as we walked toward Levi who stood with his arms in front of him. I sighed as soon as my eyes fell on him. He had a wide smile on his face that soothed every part of me, making me melt over and over again. 

When we stopped in front of the white wooden stairs to the alter where Levi stood the clear his voice then spoke. "Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?"

My daddy looked down at me and smiled. "Her mother and I do." Then he lifted my veil and kissed my cheek, stroking my cheek just as Levi stepped forward to shake his hand, before helping me up the four steps to the alter. As soon as we faced each other I heard his breathing hitch in a soft gasp before his slow and sexy smile came over his face. I looked right into his eyes, giving him a soft smile whereas three years ago I definitely would have shy'd away. 

"Dearly beloved," the preacher began, "we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the matrimony of Levi Hunter Miller and Brielle Nicole Jackson.  For sixteen almost seventeen years you've known each other and your love and understanding of one another has only grown and matured. You've realized that your own personal goals, dreams, aspirations and hopes are easier attainable with one another.  And, through this new committment to one another you will continue to grow and nurture a love that gives you the energy to face lifes challenges together as husband and wife.

Marriage requires patience and understand. It's one thing to date. When you date that's not a lifetime bond, its a moment in time that's shared between two people briefly. But, marriage... that's a love that starts long before the wedding day. It's something that isn't only a brief moment together that's part of another book in your life but is part of a lifetime of love, committment, undying support and compromise to keep the marriage durable and everlasting. Never lose sight of the long friendship you have attained over the years, never lose sight of the love that you nurtured and never lose sight of that. 

Now as I understand it you've both written your own vows so, Levi, we'll start with you," he ended nodding at Levi to start.

Levi took my hands in his looking deeply into my eyes as he spoke. "Brielle, when we were six, you were the girl all the boys feared," he said smirking making everyone laugh even me. I saw out of the corner of my eyes the two groomsmen from him team nod because we played with them too. "I remember I'd told you once 'baseball was for boys so you should go and play tee-ball with the other girls' and then our next game when you still hadn't quit, you hit the only homerun of the game between either teams. After that not one of us doubted your ability. I knew from that moment I had to be your friend. I think I was the first one to say I wanted to be your friend. 

We've made so many memories together. From the first day we became friends, to the day we came to this field and I made everything we ate at our first picnic to celebrate you making the varsity girls fast pitch softball team as a ninth grader to our first kiss to now our wedding day—I never knew I could love a woman as much as I love you. You took a leap of a bridge with me, believing that no matter what we went through we'd still end up together. I once vowed to get you to say 'I love you, Levi' and I got that and more. You're not only marrying me but," He reach out to touch my stomach, "you're carrying our child. I'd had my vow written down and had planned on reading it to you off the paper but, I realized that the best vow would be one straight from the heart so, that's where this one is from—my heart. I love you, Brielle Nicole Jackson. I have since I was six, I just never knew it until I was fifteen but, I never said it until I was eighteen. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

I put my head down hiding the tears that were gathering in my eyes. As soon as I closed my eyes the tears fell off my lashes. I could hear Levi's mom and my mom crying, they were doing so softly but I could still hear them.

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