Chapter 16

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I paced the library for what seemed like forever before actually hitting the call button for the academic office at MSU. I was on hold for a little before someone actually picked up and was able to assist me. I told the lady why I was calling as well as my situation and she put me on hold for another ten minutes to see what she could do. I almost hung up but she came back.

"Okay, so you can take online courses," she began in a thick country accent, "the five courses that you'd need to graduate are offered and that's very rare. I also checked to see if they all were offered for the summer like you asked and they are as well. So, you do have the option of doing either. Seeing as you'd have to register for this fall if you do decide to take the online courses, since the semester in half way through, you graduate in January of 2015. If you decide to do the summer courses, you'd graduate in mid-August and your classes would start in the end of May beginning of June."

I took a deep breath. "Okay so either way it'd only take me ten weeks to finish and graduate. If I decide to come in the summer to finish when would I need to apply?"

"Well considering the situation you're in... as soon as possible. Classes start in May so preferably by the end of this month and the start of March because we'd have to find classes with room to fit you in."

"That's in a two weeks, if that."

"I know, hon. But, you are registering late for summer classes. I can only keep it open for so long. If that's too soon I suggest waiting until this fall to register for the online courses."

I sighed. "Okay, um, I'll think about all of this and then call back tomorrow to tell you my decision."

"Okay, hon. I'll be here tomorrow. My name is Henrietta King, just ask for me when you call, okay? I'll get you right set up."

"Okay, thank you."

"You're welcome, sweetie!" she replied enthusiastically before we hung up.

Sighing, I put my phone down on the side table and looked out the window for a moment before plopping my body down into a plush leather armchair. This shouldn't be that hard of a decision. It should be a obvious as daylight which option I should chose so why am I hesitating? This time I know it's got nothing to do with my relationship.

I have so much faith in it right now that it's pouring out my ears. I have all day to decide and so many errands to run today.

Grabbing my phone, I went upstairs to our closet putting my favorite black combats boots on before grabbing my keys and heading out for groceries.

I walked through the isles looking at pasta but not fully able to concentrate on the task at hand. There was just too much on mind and a decision that shouldn't be hard to make, making me crazy. What else is there for me to contemplate? My choice is quite simple. So why the hesitation? Why the hold up?

As I picked up two boxes of angel hair pasta my phone rang. It was a text from my mom.

Did you let the school today?

I smiled shaking my head. My poor mom. She should just stick to calling for now. I smiled as I typed my reply and hit send.

Let? No, I didn't let the school today mom. You know, I really have no clue what you're tryin to say but, I did CALL them...

I put my phone in my pocket as I put the pasta in my cart and moved to look at the vegetables.

Then my phone rang.

"Are you sassing me missy?" my mom said irritated and I laughed.

"Hey momma. It's nice to hear from you too."

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