Chapter 12

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Right after Thanksgiving, Levi and I started looking for homes or apartments in Seattle. He would start spring training in January and I wanted him to be able to help me set up the house before he did. I might be strong but I can't carry heavy furniture alone.

After searching the internet for almost three weeks and only god knows how many Christmas presents later, we found two places in Seattle that had Levi not gotten that bonus we wouldn't have even though to buy.

I looked up at Levi, who sat on the arm of the computer chair. "Babe, do we really want to spend so much on our first home as a married couple? I mean this is just a ungodly amount of money for a house."

He smirked. "If you wanted to live in a broken down shack in the middle of nowhere I'd still be happy but, we have to think about a lot of things before we even decide to get one of these two places. We have to think about how it will fit the big family you...and I seem to want. We have to think about schools for our kids. We have to think about how long it will take me to get from our home to the field for games and practices. And how long it will take you to get to school from where the house is. I mean there is a bunch of things we have to put into consideration when we decide which one to choose."

I smiled. "I guess you're right. I mean, we can afford it." He nodded in response. "So do you want to schedule an appointment to look at the apartment and the house?"

He kissed my forehead before getting up. "Do you?"

Two days later, Levi and I were in a rental car driving into Seattle to check out the first of the two places. An apartment in the city an hour maybe half of an hour away from the field depending on traffic. I smiled turning to look at Levi.

"I love how big it is. Nothing like Mississippi."

He laughed taking my hand into his. "I know. That means there will be more to do and the more our kids have to do the less trouble they'll get into."

I giggled. "What makes you think they'll get in trouble a lot?"

"Because I'll be their father," he answered smirking at me.

I laughed uncontrollably. "You weren't that bad, baby."

He made a 'O' with his mouth, his head moving back slightly as if he was surprised. "Yes I was. I was the devil child you want your daughters to stay away from."

I laughed briefly. "I mean maybe in middle school but you weren't that bad as a high school. I will admit though, when we were in elementary you annoyed me a lot."

He chuckled. "And look at you now, completely in love with me and about to be Mrs. Levi Miller in about five months."

I grinned at him. "That I am," I said as we pulled up to Harbor Steps Apartments.

"Wow," I said breathless as I looked up at the tall building with wide windows for the apartments that went all the way to the top of the building. Levi came around the white Audi, taking my hand in his and we walked in towards the lease center.

"This is the two bed room apartment with the water view of the harbor that you requested to see. I'll stay here by the door while you both look around," he said giving us a big fake smile I'm sure he only broke out when he smelled a sale. 

 The two bedroom apartment was beautilful, it over looked the harbor and I was speechless at the beauty of it. I loved the black countertops and the stainless steel appliances but even with all the beautiful features, it didn't feel like home. Levi came up behind me as I stood out on the small terrace looking out at the water, one arm resting on my other arm. As soon as I felt his arms move to wrap me up, I rested my own on top of his, while he pulled me closer and kissed my neck.

"What do you think? Do you like it?"

I sighed still looking out at the water. I shook my head. "I love it, but it's two bedrooms and if we are gonna start a family we should go ahead and get a bigger place. Not too big, of course, but big enough to where we won't have to leave after being there for only a couple of years."

I felt his warm breaths against my skin, cool from the winter air, then he kissed me again. "I agree. So, on to the next and last place? The house in Denny Blaine?"

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