Chapter 14

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I sat in front of the fireplace in our bedroom just staring at the burning embers. Everything had been moving so fast that I really hadn't given thought to what I was going to do for school. As soon as I got out of the hospital I'd been really just trying to re-evaluate myself, my life, and how I looked at my relationship. But now, now I think I should start thinking about school and my future.

What the world thinks of me truly doesn't matter anymore. But what I think of myself does. I don't want to feel as if I'm living off Levi and his success in the Majors. I want to come into my own with him but aside from his own success. The whole point of my working toward becoming a criminal lawyer was so I could make a difference. I still want that. To make a difference. I need to call tomorrow...or maybe wait until Levi leaves that way I can spend as much time with him before spring training.

Either way I need to decide because I can't wait to long. The door to our bedroom opened and Levi walked in with a cup of tea for me and a blanket for us. I smiling at him as I took the cup he held out to me.

"Thank you."

I leaned up so he could slide in onto the love seat we had in here. I snuggled into his arms as he spread the blanket over us. I tucked my legs under me and rested my head on his shoulder.

"It's been a long day," he said softly, kissing my hair before resting his cheek on my head.

"I'd say," I replied softly, taking a sip of my tea before sighing.

For a few moments we sat in comfortable silence looking into the fire.

"Bri," Levi said breaking the silence.


"I need to know. You probably haven't given much thought to it, or at least haven't really done anything to show that you have, I mean besides asking the realtor about how long we are from the University of Washington-"

"Levi," I interrupted gently, "what do you want to know, baby."

He sighed. "Have you given much thought about what you're going to do for school. I mean like how you're going to finish out your senior year."

I sighed taking another sip of tea before speaking. "Well, I know that I don't need that many credits in order to graduate since I was planning to leave early anyway. I think I might go back to Mississippi for summer classes and finish that way," I said softly.

Levi tensed under me but otherwise didn't object. I know he was only trying to be supportive but this was a moment that I really need his opinion or suggestion, unbiased, of course.

"Well, whatever you choose to do I'll be supportive."

Leaned up to looked at him. "This would be the perfect moment for you to make a suggestion," I whispered.

He scoffed softly looking at me passively. I hate when I can't read what he might be thinking. He cocked his eyebrow dropping his head back on the couch and sighing heavily. "Babe, what do you want me to say? I want you to stay here in Washington for school but, I also know that it would be much easier if you went back home and finished at MSU. I won't hold you back, I want to support you fully. No matter the distance. I also know that during the summer is the time that seasons in full swing and I'll have game after game, practice after practice and may not be home very often so that would be the best time for you to go back."

I sighed resting my arm on the back of the couch my head resting in my palm, my other hand securely around my cup. "So you'd be okay with me going back just for the summer to finish?"

He sighed smiling at me softly. "Yeah, baby, I would."

I grinned then my face dropped. "You aren't telling me what I want to hear, right? You're telling me your real feelings and thoughts about this, right? Because I don't want you pissed with me for my decision."

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