Chapter 7

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Brielle's POV:

I sat on the white couch beside my... mental self, my hands balled into fists while my head rested on them, my elbows on my legs. I looked ahead as I tried to rationalize what she had just told me. Slowly, I glanced over at her and then turned back forward. Then taking a heavy sigh sat back, my hands in my lap, staring blankly ahead.

"So," I began, choosing my words carefully, "What you are telling me is that I've been sleeping on the floor, here, for a month?" I glanced over with out turning my head, looking for some kind of indication that I'd heard correctly. When she nodded I continued.

"Thus, my physical body is in a comatose state?" I glanced over again, and she nodded once more.

"And because my brain is still pretty damaged as far as swelling is concerned, I am on life support and until the swelling goes down enough and they take me off life support so I can try and wake myself, I am stuck, here?"

"Exactly! You can hear people talk to you also. I am only the part of your mind that helps you rationalize things. Because you aren't really connected to your brain you can't move any of your bodily limbs at this point. We have to find the part of your mind that connects you to not only you memories but to your motion because if we don't you might actually end up waking losing a lot of your memories and possiblily not be able to move certain parts of yourself. We have to do all of this before you wake."

I sighed, and dropped my head back on the couch looking right up into the white ceiling.

Suddenly I heard a Levi's voice and my head shot up.

"Brielle, I am sorry for being an ass. I was afriad. I didn't want more distance between us. Undergrad was hard enough and the possibility that you might not be in Washington with me scared me. I should have been more supportive. You've been nothing but supportive this entire time. Baby, I'm so sorry please, I beg, come back. Open those beautiful brown eyes. Please."

"Oh Baby," I said softly, tears running down my face. "I'm here, I am right here." I looked over at myself, her head was down but I could see tears falling on her lap. His voice then faded and I looked over at her.

"You can't tell me it doesn't kill you not to help me reply to him. I know it does, cause it kills me," I said softly.

"It does," she said softly, "remember, I am you. I feel everything you feel. We have to find the part of this room, that has your memories. Another me-us, will be there. She'll know where to go from there. After we find her everything should begin to fall into place so you can wake up."

"Okay," I said standing up and folding my arms, looking at her. "Where do we start?'

She stood and shrugged, "First let's talk about when you first became friends then think of the strongest memory you have. Your strongest memory is where she will be."

"Okay," I said dropping my arms to my side, "I can do that."

Levi's POV:

I pulled up the driveway of Noah and Shania's house, slowing to a stop in front of their garage. I turned off the car and sat in the truck for a moment. I didn't realize I'd been there so long until I heard a knock on my window. Snapping out of my trance, I turned to see Noah at the window, he looked at me sadly.

"Come on Levi," he said muffled by the closed window, "Get outta the truck."

I sighed pulling the key out of the ignition and opening my door. As soon as my feet hit the ground, my brother pulled me into an embrace. My father always used to say that a man should never cry especially in public but, I couldn't control how broken I was. Falling to my knees I broke down into sobs. Noah never let go, he fell to the ground with me.

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