Chapter 21

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The next morning, I slipped on my navy blue halter top dress before putting my white converses on. I smiled to myself, so very fancy for the short ride to the venue on the day of your wedding, Mrs. Miller, I thought. I looked over myself in the bathroom mirror while Levi got dressed in our room, my face had no make up on because I'd need a clean face for the make-up artist and my hair was up in a puffy bun. This morning will be last time I will ever be able to refer to myself as Brielle Nicole Jackson. I touched, the necklace that Levi gave me when we first began dating at eighteen, my beautiful silver necklace with diamonds in the shape of a heart that had a baseball that fit right in the middle with red diamonds lining the baseball for the lace.

I smiled shyly into the mirror just as the bathroom door open and Levi walked in. He was in one of his old baseball shirts from college, torn blue jeans and his tan sperry's. "Ready to go?" He asked me leaning against the wall. I walked up to him taking his hand.

"Ready. Oh, I have a blind fold for you I don't even want you seeing where we're going."

He laughed. "Well who's going to drive?"

I cocked an eyebrow at him, smiling. "Baby, I'm pregnant not disabled. I can still drive."

Smirking, he held his hands up in defeat. "Alright, baby, lead the way to this top secret surprise."


Fifteen minutes to eight we pulled up to the venue. I had country music on so it would keep Levi a bit comfortable considering the situation, putting the car in park, I got out and rushed around to the passanger side of the car to help him out.

"Be careful, baby," I said gently holding onto his arm helping him out. "I don't want to explain to your coach why you came back with a sprained ankle." He laughed.

"Alright, woman, I'm out and on ground. Can I take off the blind fold?"

"No we're not there yet."

"What? Are you serious? Brielle, Baby, how much farther."

I laughed. "Less than a minute."

I led him down the dirt path to the threshold of the first entrance to the venue then out to the black tarp that was being flilled with white and red roses. We walked out to the middle of the isle then I stopped turning his back to the long grass just beyond the alter.

"Now," I said standing behind him smiling because the venue was coming along well. The men helping to put everything together was still working on it but it'd be done by the time the wedding happened at five this evening when the sun was just setting. "I remember you telling me once that you loved me, I recall this happening about, eh, three or four years ago the exact date escapes my mind right now-"

He laughed his deep, chest rumbling laugh. "Baby, I know you damn well know when I said it. It was May 2010, we were 18 and it was a week before school ended."

I kissed his shoulder, laughing a bit. "Yes, I remembered I was curious as to whether or not you'd correct me. But do you remember where you first told me and what you said when I asked you where were we supposed to start from."

Sighing, he nodded. "I do...the field we met at, the same field you hit the homerun before me, the same field we became best friends at, the same field we had our first picnic at when you made the varsity softball team in high school as a ninth grader...the same field I first kissed you at. Field number 6," he said trailing off.

"Yeah," I whispered, "but do you remember what you said to me when I asked you 'where do we go from here?'"

He nodded again. "I kissed you then said 'We can start from here. Moving from best friends to something more. I said I didn't want to look back years down the road and regret not saying anything about my feelings for you if I ever saw you with someone else."

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