Chapter 5

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My vision went in and out. Flashes of light and blood, people in white coats, others with dark blue uniforms. Sharp pain in my arms. All I could do was cry out for Levi. Tears ran down my eyes as I began to feel pain not only in my leg but in my head. It felt like my entire head was going to explode, the pain was excrusiating. Everything began at once making the pain unbearable as darkness invaded my sight.

A month later (Levi POV)

I had been to that hospital every day since that accident. The petty argument Brielle and I had seems so insignificant. It's September now, officially a month after the accident, she should be back at MSU to finish out the year. It killed every bit of my soul to call the school and tell them she wouldn't be attending this fall because she's in a coma and on life support due to an accident, then I had to call her softball coaches to tell them about what had happened. They would be by to see her as soon as they could and wanted me to continue to update them on her prognosis.

I didn't even get to tell her that I signed on with the Mariners with a 3.5 million dollar signing bonus. That I'd only start out making around 8 million exactly 5.5 million more than what I signed on for. Still, that's a hefty bonus to me and would set us up for life really. She's so good at managing money, how am I gonna do that without her?

I sat in the new truck that I bought, this time with a grill guard, my head on the steering wheel. I haven't heard her voice in a month, I can not lose that woman. She's everything to me. I've loved her since we were six. I realized late and told her even later but she was there the entire time. Yeah, we had our trip ups but she was-is my everything. I need her back.

Lifting my head, I looked up at the hospital then up to the sky. I beg of you, I silently prayed, don't let her leave. Bring her back to me. Please.

I picked up the red roses that sat in the passenger seat, her favorite, opened the car door and walked up to the hospital.

The women at the front desk already knew me by first name. They would just say 'hello' then ask how I was doing and each time I'd answer with 'Taking it one day at a time', though my real answer would have been that it gets shittier every day that I don't see Brielle's beautiful eyes.

I took the elevator right up to the floor where the critical condition patients were and walked down to her room. There she laid with her arm in a cast, twelve stitches on her hair line and machines hooked up to her helping her just to breath. Shakily, I walked over to her bedside and changed the wilting flowers I'd first brought to her placing the new red roses in the vase.

I sat beside her taking her hand into mine, kissing it before laying my head on the bed beside her body. I sighed, closing my eyes, eventually falling asleep.

Someone began shaking me gently, walking me up. I lifted my head and shook my hair out, to see the nurse there.

"The doctor would like to speak to you," she said softly.


She rose her eye brows glancing down at Brielle before looking back at me and my heart dropped. I nodded at her before walking out to the doctor.

"Levi," said Dr.Martinez, the slightly graying neurologist at the hospital. "I have some good news and some bad news. Which one first?"


"Well, though it's not as bad as before, Brielle's still got some significant swelling. With time the swelling should be almost completely gone in the next couple of weeks if she continues to progress in the way she has been."

"And the good?"

"Miraculously, the blood transfusion she got when she came in hasn't been rejected by her body since given to her a month ago. She might actually be able to breath on her own but I want to keep her under observation. She obviously isn't as critical as she was when you both came in a month ago but, because her brain is recovering well, she may be able to breath on her own in the next month. We will keep her on life support until then and continue to observe her but she looks as if she will make it. The question that remains is if she will have memory loss because she's been a coma for the past month and with the extra weeks ahead, more than a month. She might have significant memory loss so, things that have happened in the past two years might be either blurry or completely gone from her memory but we really won't know until she wakes."

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