Chapter 24

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Sitting back in my seat on the plane, my head flooded with thoughts of tonight. I can't stop thinking about the way our first dance went. The way that Levi looked at me as we danced. The way his strong arms felt around me. The way his warms enveloped my, his musk smell warmed me. The way every move we made felt as if not one person was watching. Like we were the only two on the floor.

Levi sat beside me his head back on a pillow, sleeping softly. I looked at him as the plane taxied down the runway. I can't believe that we're final married. He's just...a dream. Being with a man like Levi sometimes feels too good to be true. Any girl out there can probably relate with me. Can relate to the feeling of not feeling beautiful, of settling for less when she knows she deserves better but, how many can say they had a friend stick by their side for over sixteen years since they were six? How many can say that the same best friend that did that did it because they loved them...not because they liked them? Now that I realize it...this is the first time I've actually gotten to watch Levi sleep without disturbing him.

I take him in. His lip shape. The way his mouth is open slightly as he sleeps. The slight turn of his head. I mean everything. For the first time, I get to admire him as he sleeps. I love every second of it.

I know that even when we are old and gray, and our kids are off to college making their own way in this world, Levi and I will be back home in Mississippi. Right back to where that Magnolia in my front yard still grows. Right back to the field where we first met. Living in that small Mississippi town with stories to tell our kids and our grand kids about where it all started.


Five Months Later

"Breath Brielle," said Shania trying to keep me calm in the Forrest General hospital room in Hattiesburg. I looked at her, sweat dripping down my face.

"Where the hell is Levi?" I hissed through my teeth. "I can't hold this girl any longer!"

"He's coming," she cooed rubbing my arm. "He was helping Noah and Austin get the fields ready for the winter. Breath."

I took a deep breath. All I want is for that damn window to be open to let in some of the cool November air. Honestly, I can't deal. I'm glad I'm not having our baby during season, I think I'd die , figuratively of course, if Levi wasn't here or was on the road. Yet, he isn't here or is taking too long to get there. But, I can't give in until he gets here.

"You're ready to push. We need you to start pushing," the doctor urged.

I gave him the death stare and went to open my mouth but Shania spoke for me. "Look, she won't push until her husband gets here."

I focused on the task at hand while Shania dealt with the doctor. I sucked in another breath, as tears fell while I held in the need to scream with another contraction coming on. Oh for the love of god, I prayed, hurry up Levi!

"Levi!" I screamed ignoring everything in my brain that said not to. Shania cringed at the sound as the door to my room burst open, Levi at the forefront. He had dirt all over him, on his white shirt now brown, on his ripped jeans, on his face and hands.

His eyes found mine immediately before he rushed to my side. "I'm so sorry I'm late, baby," he said gently, pushing my wet hair strands off my face. "We were far out in the field when Shania called. I'm not even going to ask how your feeling because I know you are hurting."

I closed my eyes soothed by his touch. "Why is she in so much pain?" He asked the doctor still in the room.

"She's ready to push. She needs to push now. However, she refused to do so until you got here."

"Bri," he said softly shaking his head as I gave him a weak smile.

The doctor went to the door calling in the nurses just as another contraction came on and I whimpered. Levi kissed my forehead, leaving his lips on for a moment. "Baby," he said softly, resting his head on mine, "why would you put yourself through so much pain just to wait for me?"

My eyes were still closed because I was so tired from holding back my screams from these agonizing contraction. "Levi Hunter Miller," I murmured tiredly, "you are not seriously asking me why I waited. I mean I could have pushed her out alone but I didn't want to because I wanted you here. I wasn't doing this without you."

He sighed kissing my forehead again.

"Alright," the doctor said coming back into the room with three nurses who had a cart with supplies for the baby when she came out. "Let's get started."

He set up in front of my on a short stool while one nurse stood on the other side of me across from Levi. Shania and Noah had left already, probably to give us space.

"Okay, hon," the nurse began, "what we're going to need for you too do is when you feel that contraction coming, take a deep breath and using your abs, push down. Hold your push through the contraction then when it stops, you have to stop and take nice deep breaths. You're going to want to push between the contractions but whatever you do, don't. I think you'll do great with that though considering how long you've been waiting to finally push. Your husband and I are going to hold your legs up and open for you all you have to do is "

I nodded, exhaustion taking over. "If y'all want me to push I suggest we start now," I murmured tiredly, "because I'm very tired. I don't know how much energy I'll have to push."

"Baby, you can do it. You can sleep soon, use everything you have to get her out."

"One's coming," the doctor said while I breathed, feeling it.

"Okay deep breath, Brielle," the nurse said. I did as I was told and my eyes watered.

"Now," the doctor said trying to stay calm.

"Push, push," the nurse said counting as I pushed with all of my might. I felt so much pressure, even when my contraction was over. Then another one came just as quickly as the first and I pushed even harder. I felt like I was on fire, I had to scream. I felt bad that it was so blood curdling, but right now I just want our baby out of me.

I began sobbing, Levi just kissed my knee trying to help me by soothing me as well as cheering me on. One last push and I head crying and I no longer felt on fire just sore as I heard crying.

I laid my head back, taking short breaths, tears falling. Levi looked down at me smiling softly, kissing my forehead. "One down," he whispered, "four to go."

I chuckled, putting hand to my heart weakly. "I don't know if I want to have four more without drugs."

He cocked an eyebrow. "You did it without the epidural?"

I nodded tiredly. "She came too fast for them to give it to me."

He smirked. "Guess she wanted to come at her own pace." I laughed grinning at him with as much energy as I could give.

Then the nurse came to use with a pink blanket, our daughter bundled up. "Here's your baby girl," the nurse said handing her to me.

Levi rested his cheek on the side of my head as we looked down at our daughter.

"Mr. and Mrs. Miller," the third nurse said making us both look up at the same time, "we need to know what you're going to name your daughter to put with her foot prints on her birth certificate."

I looked at Levi as we smiled at each other. "You tell her," I whispered smiling at him.

"Chance," he said grinning. "We're naming our daughter Chance Rose Miller."

The nurse smiled writing down our daughter's name before walking off.

I kissed my daughter's hand that had curled around my index finger, smiling down at her. "Chance," I whispered, "for the leap your daddy and I took to be together, and Rose, for the flowers at our wedding."

"Miller," Levi said softly, "is just a plus my sweet girl."

I looked up at him grinning as he returned it. "I love you, Levi," I said softly.

"And I love you, Brielle. Forever and always."

I smiled before looking down at Chance. "Forever and Always," I whispered.

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