Chapter 13

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By January 15th, Levi and I had already packed everything that we brought into the apartment and sent it off. He started spring training in Feburary, so if I wanted any help with getting the house ready before he left for Arizona. He and I were only taking two full suitcases filled with each of our clothes, I had my uggs on and that would do for me in the footwear department until the rest of our things got to Seattle.

We decided to drive because Levi didn't want someone else taking his truck up to Seattle. When we discussed taking a flight there he turned it down in a heart beat. I couldn't stop laughing when he told me. He never ceases to amaze me. We met at his parents the morning of the 15th, after the moving truck left with our things.

Levi's mom had tears in her eyes as she looked at him. "Oh, my baby boy," she said hugging him in a vice grip. His eyes bulged because of how tight her arms were around his neck. I watched smiling cheekily at him, my arm around both of my parents who I'd already hugged. I'd spent the night at my house in my own bed for the last time until June when I'd be back for our wedding and Levi spent the night at his own parents.

"Lord," my mom whispered, "She is going to suck the life outta him if she doesn't loosen her grip on Levi's neck."

I coughed to hold back the fit of laughter threatening, smiling as I coughed. I suppose his mom thought I was trying to say, inconspicuously, that we had to go because she let him go so Mr. Miller, Austin, and Noah could hug him. Shania and I hugged and I hugged each member of the miller clan before kissing little Genevieve on the forehead.

I opened the door to Levi black King Ranch F-350 cab truck, jumping in and closing the door as he got into the driver's seat. We buckled up as he started it up, before putting it in reverse to pull down his parent's drive way he turned to look at me. "Ready?"

I smiled softly at him. "Always. To drive a day in a half, to move into our home, to become Mr. Levi Miller...I am always ready as long as you're there."

He grinned and began backing down the gravel driveway as we-I, waved through the windshield.

For miles and many hours we drove, stopping to look at sights, take pictures of a cactus (I know, totally dumb) but I was happy. It's the small moments with him that I cherish. Not his ablility, not the money, fame, not even his looks, though they are a bouns, it's being with him. My goofy, sweet, funny, smart, country born and bred gentleman. I love him to the moon and back. Anything that's materialistic and comes with him is just a bonus because even if he was poor I'd still love him and want to marry him.

We got to Seattle very late and we both knew that their was nothing in the house. No furniture and that meant no bed, so we got a hotel for the night until we could move in the essentials. I waited for Levi in the truck while he went in and got the key.

I hadn't realized how tired I really was when I felt his arms pick me up and out of the truck. The door closed and I murmured turning my face into Levi's chest. He kissed my forehead as I felt a swift breeze blow past us and I shivered. He walked to the elevator and pressed the up button. As soon as the doors opened and we were in the elevator with him pressing a floor I was gone until his arms were no longer under me.

I felt my pants leave my legs and heard the rustle of the sheets before tireness over ran me and I no longer was half asleep.

The next morning I felt extremely warm, waking up wrapped around Levi, our legs intertwined while my hand laid on his chest his cheek resting on my head. I took in a deep breath softly as I blinked open my eyes, not really moving but still somehow being able to waking up Levi.

"Good morning," I said smiling softly.

He grinned sleepily down at me. "Good morning, beautiful."

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