Chapter 2

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"So two days from now is when you said we'd go up to Atlanta to buy your dress," my mom said while we sat in my parents living room. Levi was sitting back right beside me with his arm on the back of the couch gently draped on my shoulder and his other arm relaxed on his leg. I sat back in the chair beside him with a hand on his leg. My dad was in love seat with my mom beside him.

I nodded. "Yes momma. I did say that. We are going to look at bridesmaids dresses while we are there as well. No use in going if we are going only for my dress. Hopefully I can find one and be done with that part so Levi can go ahead and get the tux ties for all of his groomsmen picked out and ready to go."

"Great!" she said happily. "Oh, and the Hattisburg Country Club said that we're set for the space and that both the wedding and the reception can be there. It's a tad bit pricy but seeing as you are our only child and we're pretty good as far as savings goes we can afford it. We are also going to take the wedding pictures at the USM campus at the little pond with the bridge. It's going to be beautiful. I can't wait for June."

I smiled at my mom. "You are really happy I let you and Levi's mom decide and plan most of this wedding aren't you momma? I mean of course you asked about what I would want and I said a very 1920s classic look with a bit of baseball type items and told you I wanted to make the play list when it came time to do that as well as cake testing, me and Levi will do that but I mean you are pretty excited to be planning it aren't you?"

She laughed, my father and Levi both smiled. "Of course I am. You're my only daughter and you are marrying someone your daddy and I already think of as a son. So me and Annie want to make this wedding as beautiful as Shania and Noah's was."

I giggled. "Well, I'm not objecting. Honestly, as long as I know what's going on and agree to the layout of where people will sit as well as how the reception area will look, y'all planning takes a lot of stress away from me."

A few more minutes of conversation between my parents, Levi and I continued before we talked about Levi's MLB draft. Just like his family and I think, my parents also felt that Levi had nothing to worry about that he'd get drafted easily. By six, we were leaving my parents house and headed to Noah and Shania's.

The sun was just beginning to set around this time, it looked beautiful. I took my gladiators off and put my feet on the dash board of the truck. The window was already open so I draped my hand outside of it. Closing my eyes I laid my head back and let out a deep breath, feeling completely relaxed.

I could feel Levi's eyes on me and I smiled. "Baby, you know I can feel you watching me, right?"

"I can't help it, you look so beautiful right now."

I opened my eyes and turned my head, still laid back on the seat, toward Levi. A small grin appeared on my face as my eyes got soft and I looked at my handsome fiancé. "I have no comeback."

He laughed heartily turning back to the road. "For the first time, I might add," he said laughingly.

I couldn't help but laugh at his remark as we sped down the two street paved road towards the southwest outskirts of town just off Main Street.

We pulled into Noah and Shania's driveway, parking in front of their two car garage. Their home was beautiful. The house was red bricked with a colonial styled porch. The lawn was beautifully manicured, and they had a small barn with mainly horses at the back. They planted four teen magnolias on the land when they finished building the house three years ago, and Shania was taking very good care of them. She even made sure the path to their house was dark gray packed gravel, so that when the trees grew to their full height in the next two years they'd have breathing room if the roots reached the path, though I doubted they would since they planted them pretty far away. Two of the trees were comfortably spaced out with a white wood bench that Noah made between them. They even enclosed their house with a white picket fence. I loved the house, it looked modernly country.

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